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An Interview with Daniel Peidro

  • How did you start at Engel & Völkers?

I started as a real estate agent 4 years ago, without having any previous experience in this industry, but nevertheless had lots of enthusiasm for the job. My assigned area started from Eixample Esquerra and my main priority at the beginning was to get to know the area and value real estate at the correct market price.

  • How have you progressed in the brand?

I think my progress has been very positive. Over the course of a year, I acquired the knowledge and experience necessary to complete many successful real estate deals.

After one year and nine months of working for the company, and based on the company's turnover, I became a Senior Consultant and a year and five months later, I was appointed as the Private Office Advisor in Barcelona.

Recently, a new position as an Area Director became available and that's when I decided it was the right time to apply as I considered myself to be ready to take on this new position. I was lucky enough to be considered for this new position by the company and I am very grateful.

- Daniel Peidro

  • What has been the key to your success?

I think it has been a series of key elements, which for me would be:

-Know my strengths and have a broad knowledge of the industry and the area

-Dedication, hard work and perseverance

-Setting ambitious goals that are both realistic and achievable

-Use the best strategy for every sale

-Never give up trying

-Consider my job as a daily challenge

  • What is your new position?

I am the new Area Director of the Baix Llobregat Sud division, which includes a total of twelve municipalities: Gavà, Castelldefels, Begues, Viladecans, Sant Boi de Llobregat, El Prat de Llobregat, Cornellà de Llobregat, Sant Climent, Torrelles de Llobregat , Santa Coloma de Cervelló, Sant Vicens dels Horts and Molins de Rei.

My main role is to share my experience and business vision with my team of real estate agents, who are all fully trained and highly competent professionals. Together we carry out the best marketing strategy and achieve the highest market share possible in Baix Llobregat Sud.

  • How do you face this new challenge as an Area Director?

Enthusiastically speaking, responsibility is my biggest challenge to date.

The word farming, which in Spanish means to harvest, is a terminology that is used a lot in Engel and Voelkers when we refer to recruitment. In this new challenge, it would also take place in an even broader context, since making the comparison as a metaphor would mean cleaning and fertilizing the land, keeping an eye out for any external threats and making good supervision, in short, creating the suitable conditions for a fruitful land.

Therefore, my new challenge means that each member of my team can give and make the best of himself. The objective is to ensure that the new division of S10 as a whole, as a team and on their own, is entrenched in the vast area that we cover as a step prior to the subsequent consolidation in the market.

- daniel peidro
  • How would you describe the areas that you and your marketing team manage?

It is one of the best located areas in Catalonia and offers a wide variety of properties, both flats and houses, with a wide price range that allows many families to invest in their first home in a more feasible way.
My sales team is a team of professionals with extensive experience in the real estate field, focused on the customer and eager to participate in the growth of Engel and Völkers with every sale.

  • What do you think is the real estate potential of Baix Llobregat Sud?

Undoubtedly I think that the Baix Llobregat Sud, which is within the peripheries closest to Barcelona, ​​will be the areas with the greatest increase in demand in the coming years. The main reasons would be the opportunity to buy a property at a more advantageous price, the high quality of life offered by many of the municipalities that comprise it, the perfect rail and land connection and since the space in the city is limited, this means more people will move from the centre of Barcelona and live in the outskirts of the city, as it's the case with Baix Llobregat Sud.

  • Which areas would you highlight out of all the regions you manage and why? 

Each area has its own uniqueness and target audience but if I have to highlight any of them, I would say the municipalities of Gavà and Castelldefels because of their proximity to the city, the very well connected public transport and the quality of life that means living close to the sea and the beaches.
What is your vision for this new challenge?
Set up and give unconditional support to my multidisciplinary team of sales and management professionals, focused on continuous improvement and overcoming.
To enhance both individual and teamwork capacities with the common goal of becoming a great performing team, who is committed, loyal and feels truly part of Engel and Völkers.

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