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Construction of green homes - Architecture of green homes

The concept of green building is relatively modern; no more than 30 years in fact. As new construction rules cover many different objectives, the most common ones in very different fields, such as sustainable technologies, public health and ecology in the broadest sense, to place the architecture development of sustainable living.

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When approaching this type of construction, it doesn't mean that it didn't exist before. In fact, green structures have picked up the idea from the traditional or restored buildings, especially in terms of building materials. However, the novelty of this approach is an all inclusive one that combines everything enthusiastically with respect of design and build for nature and wellbeing of people, with the use of renewable energies and natural water management and attitudes that enable man to live in harmony with the environment in a completely natural way and taking into account that, we are a part of an ecological system and everything we do will affect the rest.

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In a world where there is already no doubt about the fact that eating organic foods brings us closer to a healthier lifestyle, it doesn't make much sense not to be aware of the large amount of toxic products in our homes. The same materials with which we build our houses, such as cement, paints and varnishes containing petroleum, with their toxic fumes such as xylene or toluene or elements of PVC that pipes are made of, as well as the other elements we are poisoning ourselves with, without being aware of them.

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At this point, we can assure you that we have strong reasons to choose a green home and, at the same time, distinguish them with a number of advantages. Aside from appearance, ecological materials in a home are long lasting and higher quality than a conventional one. We should take into account that those materials used in these green buildings are the same as the ones used in the restoration of palaces and luxury homes. They are of high quality materials, including lime mortars and plasters, silicate paints or natural varnishes. In addition, today, a green home does not have to do without the advances that make life easier than living in a conventional property.

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But, if we are talking about the actual architecture of sustainable buildings, we have to expand our concept of ecological housing to the very beginning of the project. The geo-biological study of the land that will house the building is basic, detailing geophysical changes that would interfere with the lives of future residents. Among these geological faults, there are aquifers with water currents, emanations from radon gas, electric lines originated electro-magnetic fields and transformers, or mobile stations.

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The retro ground adaptation, causing the least possible environmental impact in both its construction and operation, involves the choice of building materials and takes into account their availability in the area, whether stone, ceramic bricks, earth, adobe or wood. In green a property, insulation plays a major role. When choosing natural materials, always opt for cork (the most popular), cellulose, vegetable fibres, hemp, flax, coconut strands, straw or cotton. These are from natural sources and provide better insulation for eco homes.

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Obviously we can not do without power or electrical installations. We must take into account the importance of good earth connection and wires that do not stretch all the way to the top of the bed, so as not to disturb our sleep.

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But it would be futile to speak about these eco homes and not mention the real benefits for those people who live in them:

Saving energy, because green homes are designed with the most advanced energy management systems. Heating and cooling costs are reduced by the high quality of insulation used in these properties. In addition, the use of renewable energies such as solar panels, wind turbines or biogas contribute greatly to these savings.
Saving water, using devices that reduce consumption or taking advantage of the rain to use as toilet water, shower, washing or watering plants.
The money you save is the logical consequence of the above two points. It is most notable in the energy aspect.
The use of recyclable material allows a more durable use and decreases the exploitation of nature and the need to seek more raw materials, while reducing waste at the same time.
These green homes are healthier, specially for people suffering from allergies or respiratory problems, since the materials used are from natural sources.

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Engel & Völkers Barcelona is proud to present this bio building (green home)

Casa unifamiliar de estilo moderno, construida en el año 2012 bajo las directrices de su actual propietario y diseñada por un prestigioso arquitecto norteamericano bajo los criterios constructivos de la antigua cultura védica STAPATYA-VEDA. Construida totalmente con materiales Biológicos libres de radiaciones, contaminantes químicos y electromagnéticos. Las paredes y techos están lucidos con estuco a la cal, libres de tóxicos.Su máximo aislamiento permite temperaturas óptimas tanto en verano como en invierno con un consumo energético mínimo. Dotada con calefacción de radiadores de agua de alta eficiencia de la prestigiosa marca Suiza RUNTAL y con equipo de caldera de pellets alimentada por silo de 3,5 toneladas. 

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Modern building, designed in 2012 under the guidance of a prestigious owner and design of a prestigious American architect everything under the constructive criteria of the ancient Vedic culture STAPATYA-VEDA. Built entirely with materials free Biological electromagnetic radiation and chemical contaminants. Its walls and ceilings are likewise lucid with lime stucco, toxic-free.
Its maximum isolation allows optimum temperatures in both summer and winter with minimal energy consumption. Equipped with heating water radiators high efficiency of the prestigious Swiss RUNTAL. The whole house has central vacuum system and suction socket in kitchen.

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4 floors have marble stairs Serpeggiante. On the ground floor is located the parkin, pantry, engine room, laundry and ironing room. On the first floor a large and bright hall with a guest bathroom with bamboo wood sink. A multipurpose room/ corrected acoustic music on walls and ceiling and a large kitchen with access to the garden. Kitchen luxuriously equipped with furniture BULTHAUP and extractor super silent GUTMAN brand. On the second floor are 3 bedrooms, one in suite. Attic floor with a large multipurpose room and two spacious bedrooms. The bathroom has a great therapeutic bath float. Garden of 800 sqm with exquisite Zen design, with pool and artificial waterfall.

If you want to receive more information about this home, please contact us.

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