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Employee motivation

In a highly competitive work environment, where being one step ahead of your rivals can be the key to success, creating the right motivation plan will make all the difference.

The main problem is often the lack of motivation and commitment to carry out the tasks according to the company's instructions.

Let us not forget that good employee motivation can lead to higher productivity. A better motivated employee is more productive, enjoys going to work every day, makes better use of his time at work, makes full use of all the resources that are available to him, and contributes to a better working environment.

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Tips to boost motivation at work

• Employee training. When you hire an employee who does not have enough training for the position they are about to perform, they will not have much motivation. If he or she is given too many responsibilities, they will get anxious and stressed; If it is vice versa, they will get bored.

• Objectives and goals. The company and the employee must come up with objectives and goals that need to be achieved within a set deadline. In this way, the employee will have the motivation to fulfill his duties to the best way possible.

• Sufficient assessment. Starting with the salary issue. Money is an important part of an employee's life so care must be taken when determining the right salary for each employee. Offering a fair increase in salary will result in greater input by the employee, which can only benefit everyone in the long run.

• Incentives, extra benefits. We all like to be noticed. There are different ways to make employees feel valued and motivated. It can be through a trip, extra money, free days, more holidays, or attendance to courses, etc. The motivation plan need not always be in the form of money. 

• A friendly atmosphere. The right resources to do the work will motivate employees more. If they are the younger generation, then even better. Along with these resources you can have other add-ons such as a rest room with coffee maker, or an office space for employees who travel long distances to eat there, etc. 

• Direct and personal treatment. Motivation also comes from good communication. It is essential that the manager or owner of the company knows their employees and spends time talking with them. In addition, you have to build trust by showing empathy when your employee is facing a personal problem as well as listening to their ideas and suggestions. The feeling that they are integrated into the company and their opinions are taken into account will motivate them even more.

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