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Enchanting places in Barcelona

When we mention Barcelona, we cannot help but think of Sagrada Familia, Güell Park, and the Gothic Quarter. Without a doubt, these are the symbolic places that immediately come to everyone's head. However, there are other numerous enclaves that are worth visiting. This is why we want to dedicate a few paragraphs telling you about the most interesting hidden corners of Ciudad Condal.

1. The ruins of Augustus Temple 

In the middle of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter you will find the medieval courtyard located at number 10 Carrer del Paradis. There are four imposing columns belonging to the Temple of Augustus that have fortunately managed to survive for more than 2000 years.

2. Sant Agustí Vell Plaza

This plaza is located in the heart of Sant Pere district and has a melancholic and Parisian air to it. In addition, it has almost maintained its medieval history and most of the buildings that surround it date from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It is definitely an ideal place to enjoy a typical Catalan cuisine immersed in traditional atmosphere.

3. The Palau Robert Gardens

These gardens are located in Paseo de Gracia. In particular, they are responsible for surrounding the Palau Robert, one of the most imposing buildings in the city built at the beginning of the 20th century. Without a doubt, it is an oasis in the middle of Barcelona.

- templo-augusto.jpg

Photo: Las ruinas del Templo de Augusto by © Jesús Arpón

4. The Arús library

The Arús library is the link between Barcelona and New York. Do you know why? Because inside this library an authentic and original Statue of Liberty from the nineteenth century is located and, despite being smaller than the one standing on the other side of the Atlantic, it certainly has an undeniable charm. The library is located at number 26, Paseo de San Juan.

5. The MUHBA and the chapel of Santa Àgata

The History Museum of the City of Barcelona in Plaza del Rey and the Chapel of Santa Àgata are both located close to one another. In particular, the museum contains archaeological sites from the Roman, Visigoth and Medieval times, while the second is home to the magnificent Altarpiece of Condestable, which is one of the best Catalan Gothic works in history.

6. Anti-aircraft refuges

It may seem incredible, but beneath the city's soil, Barcelona still has anti-aircraft shelters that were built during the Spanish Civil War. Not all of them remain open to the public, but the one in Plaza del Diamante, with a capacity for 200 people and 250 metres long, is still open. Keep in mind that if you want to pay a visit there, you must book in advance.

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