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Group interview tips

What attributes are best used in a group interview? Patience, ability to be a leader, empathy, and stating your opinion without imposing it on others. What would be the correct way to act?

The main objective that the interviewers want to achieve through the implementation of group interviews, is to collect the most complete information about each candidate. Group interviews are usually composed of two selected experts and no more than ten candidates.

Many dynamics are used to raise conflict situations in the day-to-day workplace. The determination of the applicants' abilities is assessed depending on how they solve problems.

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Preparation for the interview

If you know that the job interview will be in a group, you have to prepare yourself in advance. It is normal for you not to know about the topic that will be discussed, but you can look for information about the values ​​of the company, its activity, its business model, and its current and future projects, etc.

Some details about the participation

In all group interviews, the ability to portray an image of being an organised person, to give opinions without wanting to impose them, the ability to listen and participate, waiting for your turn to speak, empathy, etc., will work well.

As far as participation is concerned, the ideal is to find a middle ground. That is to say, being too quiet would not be appreciated just as speech interruptions will not go down well. 

Beware of the nerves

If the interviewer sees how anxious the candidate is, he will assume this situation will repeat itself if he/she is chosen for the job.

Samples of teamwork

At the group job interview, you have to show that you can accept other people's opinions, expand on their ideas by bringing your brilliant suggestions to the table, and negotiate in a serene way.

It is best to be yourself

Creating a different character to who you normally are will not work to your favour. It is best to be yourself.

Show your intellectual side

During the participation in the group interview, it is very important to let other people intervene without interrupting them, but also to know how to express one's ideas in a summarised way.

Non-verbal language

Your posture should be natural and relaxed without making too many hand gestures. Your body language will reveal your personality.

Show your training experience

Throughout the interview, you must take advantage of any opportunity to demonstrate the training or experience you have in relation to the job you want to apply for. It is important to do this naturally without you forcing the subject to come up at the interview.

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