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How to build a Spa at Home?

Having a spa at home is a luxury within the reach of most budgets. The fact is that until not too long ago, a spa seemed to be something reserved for the more wealthy classes, but today it is perfectly feasible for anyone to have one in their own home. In this sense, there are many options depending on the space and budget you have.

First of all, reference should be made to booths, bathtubs and hydromassage enclosures as they can be installed in the vast majority of bathrooms in homes. Usually, these systems are capable of launching hot or cold water jets that perform toning massage and can relieve muscle tension and completely eliminate fatigue or stress. In addition, many of them have a jacuzzi, so they provide massages with bubbles that effectively stimulate blood circulation.

No doubt, those who do not have space in their bathroom to place a bathtub, hydromassage units are great alternatives as they can be installed in any shower enclosure without a problem. In addition, there are currently extremely economical and functional models that are usually made of fibreglass, tempered glass or aluminum. In fact, for as little as only 350 euros it is possible to get one of these systems.

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Those who do have enough space in their home, probably would prefer to install a sauna. However, it is not necessary to think that tens of square metres are needed. And thanks to the compact equipment that is manufactured today, it is possible to install the sauna practically inside a closet or a small dressing room. In fact, there are models that are assembled and dismantled in a short time and are ideal for moving to the garden once the good weather arrives.

To realise how cheap spas are and the small space occupied by the new generation saunas, it is viable to say that the most popular models cost around 1500 euros and occupy a space of only 90 x 90 cm. In addition, if you want one for two people, the price only amounts to 2000 euros or 2300 euros in case you want to install in a corner. Saunas for 4 people are around 3300 euros.

In short, setting up a spa at home is a really inexpensive and very cost-effective investment in terms of health and wellness. And just like everyone else, surely you also like to come home and relax after a hard day's work.

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