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How to create a personal SWOT

Nowadays, creating a good CV doesn't necessarily guarantee that you will find a job. If you are looking for work in Barcelona, ​​it will be essential to be qualified for the position and your training and experience will be the basic requirements. However, in such a competitive society, you must do more to show your unique values and stand out from the other candidates.

This is why it is vital to know yourself, to be able to self-analyse and discover those aspects that you want to highlight or anything that you need to improve. For this purpose, there is an effective tool created a few decades ago in areas of business strategy, but perfectly adaptable to the personal sphere. It is called SWOT, because what is truly important is the acronym of its four basic words: Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities.

These four concepts are divided into two sets of variables, internal (Strengths and Weaknesses), which refer to our own personal and external situation (Opportunities and Threats), relating to the things that affect us as a consequence of living in a particular environment.

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With this tool we will form a matrix of 2x2, in which we will note its four tables between 3 and 5 ideas corresponding to each of the variables, answering questions about it, about what makes us stand out (Strengths), puts us at a disadvantage ( Weaknesses), unfavorable external circumstances (Opportunities) and external aspects (threats). The true realisation of these aspects will allow you to know your exact standing for the job in Barcelona that you want to apply for.

Doing a DAFO analysis and extracting the corresponding conclusions is very advantageous, because it serves you to reflect and to know yourself better, emphasising at the same time on where you stand out and the areas you need to improve. If you are interested in becoming part of the team at the luxury real estate company like Engel & Völkers Barcelona, we can arrange an interview with you. The DAFO analysis will better prepare you in identifying which position suits you best, according to your strongest points and your capacity to improve your shortcomings.

Engel & Völkers Barcelona is a luxury real estate company that has become a benchmark in the sector. To reach this point, a long period of searching for the best personnel has been necessary in order to form a solid corporate culture in which exclusivity, professionalism and passion are combined.

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