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How to optimise space in a compact kitchen

Architectural limitations can put an end to the most exquisite interior design projects if they do not take into account the unique circumstances of the building. As an example, a narrow or compact kitchen is a challenge in terms of space optimisation, since the traditional distribution of furniture and appliances can leave us without room to maneuver. Here, we will show you tips on how to make the most out of a narrow kitchen.

The first thing to solve is the question of lighting. If the kitchen has outside access, you will be able to install windows somewhat higher than the usual so that natural light floods the room with great ease. In this case, for obvious reasons of maneuverability, the window handles should be placed on the lower part of the panes rather than on the centre. If, on the other hand, the kitchen has no outside access, the most elegant solution is to place small pendant lamps, which keep the lights away from the main areas.

- Cocina alargada

The furniture is the next factor in order of importance because its layout plays a key role in the kitchen's functionality. It is better to go for imposingly high cabinets that cover both the lower and upper spaces, alternating with appliances at the same time. Opting for shelves that are in different lengths is an especially useful resource as they open up the possibility to be used as decorative elements as well as pratical ones. Colourful jars are especially recommended. After all, who said narrow cannot be aesthetically appealing?

Of course, appliances have an indisputable role in kitchens and the integrated designs are the perfect solutions in limited spaces. Integrated ovens and refrigerators are part of the cabinets and drawers so they give the kitchen a great rationality without compromising its possibilities. Before you opt for appliances in different brands - always observe the image of the whole kitchen - there are a variety of sizes that ensure a perfect fit.

- Cocina alargada

Finally, all the above tips take into account a common norm which applies with equal precision to the small details: order. A limited space requires even more organisation and everything must be put in the right place. Even a plate or utensil that's out of place can considerably limit the available cooking area. A small trick to prevent these situations is to use the doors as emergency shelves. The installation of small hanging compartments allows us to store all kinds of utensils on them.

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