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How to prepare for a job interview in English?

Mastering the English language is a key element in landing virtually any job. In this sense, it is not enough to just state your language level in your CV, as generally, human resource managers will still evaluate your language skills during the interview. Therefore, we want to give you some tips to prepare for that interview and increase your chances of getting the job.

1. Do not exaggerate your ability in the English language

Based on the fact that you are going to conduct an interview in English, it is important that you do not exaggerate your knowledge in this language. Keep in mind that it is possible to face an interviewer who is a native English speaker and can find all your shortcomings. It is always better to be modest and truthful. 

2. Prepare for the questions

It is not enough to only prepare for the most typical questions that are related to the job you are applying for. In order to find out your actual level of English, the interviewing officials usually do ask questions on personal matters. In fact, candidates are often asked about their strengths and weaknesses or about their personality. So be careful and be prepared.

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3. Think of some interesting stories

One of the best ways to demonstrate that you have a good level of English is to prepare an anecdote in advance related to your previous work. Remember to find the right time during the interview to introduce your story. Using humour in small doses is a good idea for demonstrating your skills in the English language.

4. Follow the English customs

Returning to the fact that you may encounter a native interviewer, an interesting option is to follow some English customs. For example, it is important that you arrive 15 minutes early to the interview and when you greet, take the initiative and ask the interviewer how they are and how their day has been going. This will also help you relax, create a better atmosphere and eliminate any tension. By the end of the interview, do not forget to thank the interviewer and ask any questions that you may have.

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Job interviews always create a degree of nervousness in the candidate, especially when they are conducted in English. Therefore, following these simple tips that we have given you can help you face that situation with more calmness and, above all, with more chances of success. At the end of the day, your goal is to land that job.

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