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How to prepare the chimney for the cold weather

Winter is here and, if you are lucky enough to have a house with a fireplace, it is time to prepare it before using it safely and efficiently. While this might be a very simple task, we still need to take a number of factors into account. These are conveniently outlined below:

The first step is to clean the chimney, and by this, we mean eliminate soot and other dirt remains that could have remained from the previous winter. In fact, even if you did this task when the last cold season ended, you should do it again to make sure it is in perfect condition. If you neglect your chimney, the accumulation of dirt can cause obstruction or an even more serious incidents.

To clear the chimney from dirt, you can use a great variety of tools. In most cases, a traditional brush will suffice, although if it is fairly dirty, you can always use a cleaning chemical that makes the task easier.

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The interior is very important, but the exterior is even more so. Therefore, use the same brush to clean the outer face of your chimney thoroughly. It is vitally important that you remove dirt particles and dust thoroughly using the most suitable products. It is also important that you carry out this process from time to time so that the dirt does not accumulate during the winter months as a result of using the fireplace.

The last step to take to have your chimney perfectly prepared for the cold winter is to inspect all the safety elements. For example, if it is an open fireplace, check the safety barrier or, if you do not have one, think about acquiring and installing one, especially if there are young children at home. Also check the floor and wall protectors so that the firewood sparks don't damage them.

As you may have noticed, tuning your fireplace before the start of the cold season is quite simple. In fact, it is not too expensive either. Just spend a couple of hours cleaning it and you will have it ready in no time. A fireplace is, without a doubt, an ideal way to warm up during winter as it provides an unmatched degree of comfort. In addition, it is a really unique decorative element. Just keep in mind that safety comes first and carefully follow the steps described above before using your fireplace for the first time.

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