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How to prepare your terrace for spring

How to prepare your terrace for spring

A terrace is a place for relaxing and disconnecting from the daily routine, enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, taking advantage of the first rays of the sun, or having a good time with friends. With the arrival of spring, it becomes desirable to take advantage of these outdoor spaces, but the question is... have you prepared your terrace for spring?

Start doing maintenance tasks

The first step in preparing the terrace for the spring is to carry out the maintenance tasks that have been postponed due to the cold weather. The outdoor features of a terrace have a very short life if they are not properly maintained, so dedicating a few hours of your weekend to this task can save you some money for investing in decoration.

Repainting, applying rustproof paint on metal furniture, giving a new coat of varnish to the wood and discarding outdated decoration are the basic tasks that will help give your terrace a new lease of life after the long winter. In addition, after doing a general cleaning of the space, you will want to spend a lot more time in your terrace.

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Add plants to the space

Do not be intimidated by the available space in your terrace as it is possible to create a small green oasis in any outdoor space. The key is to identify the strengths of your terrace: if you have lots of space, bulky plants and large pots are a great way to "fill" all that space with greenery. If the weather is on your side, Musa paradisiaca is an excellent outdoor plant with large leaves that add a tropical touch to the space.

On the other hand, those with small terraces should opt for tall and slender plants or choose pots that don't take up all the space. If you do not want to sacrifice space for plants, you also have the option of including hanging plants or floral centrepieces that occupy small corners or be placed on top of outdoor furniture.

What if I want something more daring? Vertical gardens have become a trend for outdoor decoration, especially if different varieties and shades are used to create vegetable patches. If you are not that daring, the vertical wooden planters provide a 'hipster' touch without too much stridency.

And as for colour?

Spring symbolises the resurgence of nature, so the colour for this season could not be other than the intense green. Take the opportunity to replace the textiles in your terrace or incorporate decoration features that revolve around vibrant colours, such as Pantone Green (Greenery), or relaxing tones, such as Pantone Esmeralda.

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