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How to save on heating bills

With the arrival of freezing temperatures, most homes start using heating systems that will affect energy consumption and increase utility costs.

Spending money on heating bills can be reduced if you take into account some basic tips:

Air conditioning systems

The temperature that can be maintained to avoid excessive consumption in air conditioning systems is 19 to 21 degrees during the day. When night comes, it is best to switch off the units and keep the windows and shutters closed, so that the temperature is maintained.

To ventilate the rooms, you can open the windows for a short time in the morning. This way, fresh air will enter the rooms and you won't lose too much heat.

Also keep in mind the maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning units as this can also affect consumption and heating costs.

The inverter heating systems have optimum performance and can reduce consumption.

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Boilers and radiators, saving measures

The use of thermostats is practical and efficient. It is about maintaining comfortable temperatures in those times of the day when we need them the most.

In the case of public buildings, the programming of the thermostat will be done according to the schedules of occupants and use of the building.

The temperature of the thermostat should be around 20 degrees. From that temperature, each extra degree increases energy consumption by 8 per cent.

It is important to bleed the radiators

Once a year may be enough to remove the excess air contained inside each radiator and facilitate the heat emission. In addition, the habit of covering them with wet clothes to dry is not advisable, because it produces a greater consumption to heat the radiators and the costs increase.

Solar energy

Although it's not every day that we see the sun in winter, when it does rise and hit the windows in our home, it's a good idea to leave the blinds up, so that the solar radiation penetrates through and warms up the rooms.


In order to take full advantage of the heating in the house, avoid any draughts in doors and windows. Not only must they be closed tightly, but their gaps must be properly sealed.

There are studies indicating that up to 30 per cent of the daily requirement of heating in a home can be through heat loss, and the lower internal temperatures, caused by heat loss in doors and windows.

The best price

Among all the market offers, it is necessary to choose the price most adapted to the lifestyle of each person. Not only in terms of prices, but also for the services obtained.

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