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How to set up a home cinema system

You may have recently fulfilled one of your biggest wishes and purchased a large-screen, high-resolution TV. However, when it's time watch a movie or a TV series on it, you might find that the sound quality isn't quite as good as the picture. The best way to match the quality of the video with the audio is to set up your own home cinema system at home. This task is actually much simpler and cheaper than you think. 

But do you know how to do it? If not, just follow the details in this article as we will explain everything clearly and concisely.

What equipment will you need?

We are going to show you an example of how to set up a 'home cinema 5.1', that is, with 5 speakers. This is mainly because it is the ideal format for most rooms. However, if you have a large room, you may be more interested in an audio system with 7 speakers. In any case, you will also need a 'subwoofer' and an audio / video receiver as it will be able to amplify signal to generate surround sound.

- home-cinema.jpg

Installation of the 'home cinema' system

In order to get the most out of your home cinema and your television systems, you must put each speaker in the right place. The first thing you should do is place one on each side of the TV facing the sofa, which is the place where you will be watching TV from. The 'subwoofer' should also be placed right in front of the television and face the sofa.

Now you only have the two speakers to find homes for. The perfect place to put them in is slightly behind the sofa where you will sit and watch TV. There must obviously be one speaker placed on each side. Once done, you will be guaranteed to feel the surround sound from your audio system.

At this point, connect the speakers to the receiver using double-ended copper cables that are red and black. Also, the next step is to connect the receiver to your DVD player, Blu-ray or your video game console, if you have one. Finally, don't forget to connect it to the television.

Ready?! Now each of your speakers will reproduce a different sound, which will give you the feeling as though you are in a movie theatre and not in your living room. A 'home cinema' system is definitely the best way to enjoy listening to music, a film's special effects and sounds, or play a video game.

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