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Laughter therapy at the Engel & Völkers Barcelona workshop

'Team Building' has become a real obligation for companies that want to get the best results possible on the basis of positively stimulating their tea. Engel & Völkers Barcelona clearly knows the importance of team building, and therefore, regularly organises activities to improve relationships. On June 15th, the sales team in the districts of Ciutat Vella and Eixample participated in a fun day of laughter therapy, which was developed as a 'Team Building' workshop.

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The workshop was guided by professionals in this field and was divided into a series of stages. The first one was the presentation in which the main objectives were put together as well as the contents that would be worked on during this particular workshop. At the same time, the sceptics about the benefits of laughter were persuaded to improve their solo and team performance in the office. Finally, the participants were presented one by one following a group dynamic.

The second round started with a warm-up, divided in turn into several group games that were already beginning to stimulate relationships between the colleagues. This prompted better interaction among peers who did not necessarily know each other outside the office. The third round welcomed the most important section of the workshop, with very varied and complete dynamics (dancing, physical exercises, games, humorous situations ...). At this point in the session, more than one participant had significant difficulties in staying on their feet.

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The laughter gymnastics occupied the fourth round of the workshop, teaching the ways on making their companions laugh. Given the fun atmosphere that had been created, it was not a complicated task at all. The most enriching part was the advice to create this type of situation on a day-to-day basis, contributing towards creating a much more positive mentality. In conclusion, we moved on to a relaxation activity that again required different group dynamics. It was at this point that the laughter therapy was combined with music therapy to guarantee complete disconnection for the attendants. 

At Engel & Völkers Barcelona, ​​we highly value the results of the workshop, which was extended for very enjoyable two hours. In fact, when the activities came to an end, the whole team went to a well known restaurant in the port of Barcelona to eat paella and spend a little more time together. In short, this was further proof of the remarkable effects that 'Team Building' techniques can have on team management. And it will certainly not be the last time.

The event was organized to celebrate the great results of the commercial team in the first half of the year.

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