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Preparing your home before going on holiday

The holidays are coming and the most anticipated time of the year comes with them. However, before facing that journey with your family, it is necessary to prepare your home for those days when you will be away. There is nothing better than to take into account the recommendations that we offer here so pay close attention.

1. Do a thorough cleaning

You will be away from your home for a few days so any remaining dirt on the floor, on the kitchen countertop or in the bathroom can become irresistible for insects. For this reason, be sure to do a thorough cleaning before you leave in order to avoid unwanted creatures entering your home.

2. Switch off the electricity

Only switch the electricity OFF if there is nothing left inside your fridge. When doing so, leave the refrigerator's door ajar. On the other hand, if you are going to leave the electricity ON to keep the food cool, make sure you set the temperature to the minimum to avoid excessive energy consumption. Also unplug the other appliances. Just think that the 'stand by' mode can amount to 10% of the value of your monthly electric bill.

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3. Close the doors, balconies and windows

Before leaving the house make sure that the balconies, windows and doors are tightly closed. Of course, try to leave the blinds slightly ajar because, this way, thieves won't think that there is no one at home. Also, it is always important to give the feeling that you are coming back home very soon. If you are thinking of leaving the house keys to a neighbour, family member, or a relative, choose the most trustworthy person you know.

4. Beware of social network sites

Do not post anything about your trip on social network sites or blogs as you never know who will be reading or viewing your posts and trying to take advantage to enter your home. Undoubtedly, the best time to upload those photos in which you appear smiling next to your loved ones is once you have returned from the trip.

Following these simple recommendations that we have just given you can be sure that you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday without having any concerns about what happens in your home during your absence. Enjoy your well-deserved trip!

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