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Questions that always come up on a job interview

Getting a job interview in a labour market that's as complicated as today's, can already be considered a success in the job search process. However, it is not easy to land that job if you don't answer the questions correctly.

Naturally, there are many different types of questions during a job interview, but there are some that, at one time or another, always come up and have strategic importance. These are some of them.

The company may ask why they should choose you for this position

Logically, at this stage of the process, the interviewer already knows the training, professional experience and other information about the candidate. What he or she wants to do is to compare those data with the impression you give during the interview. A well-prepared candidate must demonstrate that he or she knows everything about the company and the position and can relate their experience, knowledge and competence to the functions of said place. This must be reinforced with true examples.

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How interested is the candidate to work in the company

This is the moment in which the interviewer wants to know whether the candidate has taken the time to know the job and the company thoroughly. You must, therefore, demonstrate your real interest. It is good for the candidate to show his/her preparation in getting to know the company thoroughly and to exhibit their own abilities related to that position. Likewise, the candidate should take the chance to sell himself and suggest how he can contribute to the success of the company.

Regarding your previous job, what issues displeased you the most

This is one of the so-called "killer questions", which can prematurely kill your chances of getting the job. Mentioning something that matches the characteristics of the position being offered is almost like saying goodbye to the job. You should never criticise your previous bosses or former colleagues.

Future goals that the candidate poses

With this question, what the company is seeking is to know how this candidate is planning to advance his career. The coincidence of these possible goals with the characteristics of the position provides a certain assurance that, in case of obtaining the job, the employee will remain in the company for a long time.

Salary expectations of the candidate

This is one of the most frequent and at the same time most delicate questions of the job interview. It is advisable to be well prepared by doing some research on the salary of similar positions in the market. It is best not to say an exact figure, but to move in a salary bracket and, above all, leave the door open to negotiation.

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