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Rental market in Barcelona - Apartments and houses

The rental market in Barcelona could become one of the greatest pillars of the recovery of the real estate sector. Factors such as the high profitability offered to the owner (around 5% annually), the change in the traditional conception of the disadvantages of renting and the tourist boom in the city, have favoured rental perspectives in the Catalan capital.

Along these lines, Engel & Völkers began 2014 with about 170 properties and at present have a portfolio of products close to 500, act which has caused a considerable increase in requests for visits.

The average price per square metre has continued almost totally stable in 2014. The larger properties, from 120sq.m upwards, nevertheless, have experimented an increase in sales of 2.5% approximately. The average rental price in Barcelona is 13,12 euros/ sqm for properties of 50mts, and 10,22 euros/sqm in properties of up to 120 mts and 9 euros/sqm in properties of over 120 sqm. Yet, in areas such as Paseo Gracia or neighbouring streets, central areas and those with a high tourist potential and specific areas in the more exclusive Upper Part in Barcelona, they can easily exceed 20 euros /sqm. 
- El mercado de alquiler en Barcelona puede convertirse en uno de los grandes pilares de la recuperación del sector inmobiliario. Y es que factores como la alta rentabilidad que ofrece al propietario (alrededor del 5% anual), el cambio de la mentalidad tradicional sobre las desventajas de alquilar y el auge turístico de la ciudad, han favorecido las perspectivas del alquiler en la capital catalana.
According to the experts, to invest in a property for rental is an increasingly more profitable business. The relaunching of the rental market has allowed rented properties to offer nowadays a profitability of 5,3% (60 basis points higher than that at the end of 2013, when it was situated at 4,7%) an unimaginable profit before the beginning of the crisis. In the year 2014, 47% of the clients renting a property from the Engel & Völkers portfolio were foreigners, whilst the other 53% were national clients. Regarding rentals, the scenario for 2015 is that of continuing growth, with stable prices although with small upturns in central areas and for larger properties in the most exclusive areas.

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