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Smart Cities - Barcelona

The meaning of a smart city refers to a new urban concept focused directly to work towards substantial improvement in the quality of life of citizens, based on approaches to social, economic development and sustainable organisational nature.

From this point of view, a city would be considered as a smart city while being able to direct its human capital investments, social, energy infrastructure and transport and communication technologies in order to promote a high quality of life for its population. That implies respect to some aspects such as economic and environmental development durable, administration and participatory governance, prudent management of natural resources and the best possible use of the time of its citizens.

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Barcelona, con más de 2.000 años de historia a sus espaldas, en los que se ha forjado una identidad propia marcada por su carácter innovador y emprendedor, se ha convertido en una auténtica pionera en la carrera por adoptar la fisonomía de una smart city característica, hasta el punto de que puede considerarse la primera en España y la cuarta de Europa en profundizar decididamente en esos objetivos.

Barcelona,​​with more than 2,000 years of history behind it, has forged an identity marked by its innovative and enterprising character. This city has become an authentic pioneer in the race to adopt the physiognomy of a smart city property, to the extent that it can be considered the first in Spain and the fourth in Europe in the decisive action on those goals.

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In that sense, the uniquely distinctive natural features of Barcelona have been helpful, because this city is recognised as one of the European cities with better quality of life for its inhabitants. Its pleasant Mediterranean climate, flooded with more than 2,400 hours of sunshine a year, its four kilometres of groomed beaches and green areas make this splendid city a natural wicker. Its network of public transport, the world-renowned tourist attractions and its vast cultural offerings are a powerful pole of attraction for visitors.

Now, if you want to do more in the pursuit of being more ambitious, in the long term, livibg in a productive, open and innovative city with entrepreneurs will certainly prove fruitful. If you are in search of self-reliance communities and want to live amongst them, improving the quality of life of the inhabitants, as well as sustainable economic growth through more efficient management of resources and services will be necessary.

For that reason, the city has already launched various projects based on a transformation strategy aimed towards self-sufficiency rooted in the green economy and productive districts, as well as achieving an ambitious zero emission target.

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The importance of the extensive application of new technologies in the modernisation of all sectors has been addressed in a special way, as one of the priority objectives to strengthen the position of smart city. Thus, it is working intensively on the integration of telecommunications infrastructure extending fibre optic in all urban areas, as well as Wi-Fi wireless technology, both for corporate and residential use.

The transformation of the management of energy and resources is one of the fundamental pillars of a smart city and Barcelona has already taken firm steps to get buildings and public spaces to save on energy. The aim is to become self-sufficient and address the need for intelligent resource management water, with an eye on public services that are fully streamlined through irrigation and power consumption.

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The new urban lighting plan (smart lighting) is an example of the application criteria for maximum efficiency and energy optimisation, humanising a time when the city gives priority to pedestrians on road traffic and customising the various streets, buildings or monuments.

Urban mobility is one of the great problems that face metropolises and also here have taken initiatives to improve the situation in a sustainable manner and to ensure equal access to all urban environment. A good example is the new orthogonal network of urban bus, based on direct routes to improve efficiency, with infrastructure, signaling and intelligent equipment connected to computer and phones to help professionals and citizens' applications.

Increasing citizen participation in a truly efficient way is another point that will improve city management. In this regard, it has promoted a smart government dedicated to improving interaction with the Administration optimising the most common procedures in a flexible manner and has affected the promotion of citizen participation in various processes through a platform of smart citizen strategy.

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In short, Barcelona is a city where anyone would dream to live in. With splendid future prospects, the city is becoming a highly coveted target to buy or rent property. Therefore, this is a good time to take the initiative and what better than visiting Engel & Völkers Barcelona, ​​one of the most recognised agencies in the international arena, equipped with a wide portfolio of properties that have all the features in the best areas of the city.

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