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Surprising facts about Tibidado

Over time, Tibidabo has become one of the most beautiful, exclusive and sought after areas of Barcelona. In fact, more and more people dream of moving there if they have the opportunity. This is why we want to tell you about some surprising facts that you may not know about such a symbolic place like Tibidado.

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Foto: © Flickr (Jimmy Baikovicius) 

1. The amusement park that crowns Tibidabo opened its doors on October 29th, 1901. Although many of its fun features have disappeared over the years and others have been so restructured that they do not resemble what they were like at the beginning, many others have retained all their original charm.

2. During a brief period of time in the year 2000, both the land and the amusement park itself were taken over by Chupa Chups. However, ​​in exchange for 1091 million pesetas (approximately 6.5 million euros), the City of Barcelona reclaimed them.

3. Salvador Andreu, a pharmacist by profession, was the person who designed the amusement park, the funicular and the tram line project.

4. The mysterious project, 'Warehouse of witches and wizards', now called 'L'embruixabruixes', is the oldest attraction in the park. If you pay a visit there on any occasion, you will find out that it has been working since May 22nd, 1915, although it has gone through remodelling.

5. The Talaia and the Ferris wheel reach a height of 552 metres above sea level. It is not surprising that it is now one of the most favourite attractions for those who visit Tibidabo. The views are incredible.

6. Surely you have seen the 'l'avió' either in photos or in person? This is a red aeroplane attached to a crane that catches the attention as soon as you arrive at the park. Did you know that it moves by the impulse of its propeller? Many do not believe this, but that's the way it is. The only thing the crane does is to hold the plane and guide it.

7. We have talked about the oldest attraction in the park but now it's time to hear it from the 'grandfather'. We are, of course, talking about the Mandolinista Clown, a figure that can be seen at the Autòmats Museum and it dates back to 1880.

8. Walt Disney himself felt devoted to the Tibidabo amusement park and visited it whenever he had the chance. In fact, some say he was so inspired by this park that he decided to create Disney World. There is also an anecdote that says this animation genius wanted to buy the full collection of automatons by sending their owners blank cheques, but they did not accept his offer.

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