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Take advantatge of the beams of your property!

Many people believe that structural beams are more of a nuisance than a positive element for a property. However, this is because they have no idea how to make the most of them. When used properly, beams can become valuable decorative tools that add a great touch of character and personality to any home. So, if you have been lucky enough to buy a home that has beamed ceilings, pay close attention to this article.

Harnessing interior beams

Generally, beams installed inside a house are usually made from wood. While it is true that there are also other types of materials available, wooden beams are the most common material. In addition, this material has a very rustic and unique appearance that is always in fashion. Remember that you can always use plants and the like to decorate these beams.

The best thing about wooden beams is that they can be placed in any room of the house. when installed properly, the image conveyed by the house is of greater robustness, comfort and warmth. In any case, you must know that they can have a structural function or simply be placed as ornaments.

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Harnessing exterior beams

The beams placed in outdoor areas provide endless possibilities. In fact, these are much greater than in the case of those that are located inside the house. For example, you may have a structure with beams in the garden and, beneath it, some pieces of furniture such as chairs, tables, hammocks, etc. Thus, if an awning is added, it is possible to let the sun in when desired or enjoy a good shade on hot summer afternoons.

Meanwhile, exterior beams can also be decorated in a very simple way with many types of plants to give them extra colour and vitality. They can also be used as attachment points for lamps and other lighting elements in the garden. Ultimately, they serve every purpose you can imagine.

Beams are elements that add value to any home. And, in short, they are capable of transmitting a series of sensations and very interesting values. They can also become very practical both in terms of decorative and functional designs. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing or renting a rustic property that has beams in several rooms, then Engel & Völkers Barcelona can help you find such a home. Contact us and we will do everything possible to find you the house of your dreams.

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