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The 2017 goal; employee talent retention

The employee talent retention in companies is fundamental for the fulfillment of the proposed objectives. It is necessary to have a strategic plan to motivate both the employees and employers.

Finding and retaining talent in companies is a complicated matter especially when employees wish to evolve or grow professionally by exploring job offers from other companies.

Some effective measures to retain talent

Companies and organisations can carry out actions and initiatives that target talented staff as well as disseminate them inside and outside the company. Contrary to popular belief, such measures do not necessarily have to be in the form of pay rises.

Development plans. Resume creation, training plans, courses, etc., will increase the knowledge and skills of the employees, and at the same time help employees become more involved with their organisations.

Time flexibility. Among the most sought after benefits for employees is having a time schedule that fits around their professional and personal lives.

A place for leisure and rest. It is proven that recreational activities, within the office or workplace, help workers reduce their stress because of the heavy workload. As a result, creativity and new ideas are promoted among employees.

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• The incentives that many talented employees will appreciate are not always tied to the pay rises they are given as these can be in the form of rest days or mini vacations. In addition to encouraging the staff to fulfill their duty, their effort is rewarded and the connection with the company is strengthened.

• New ideas. Allocating some time to allow the employees to develop their own thoughts can help these professionals come up with innovative ideas and improve the quality of their services.

• Group activities that are carried out outside work serve to promote and optimise integration in a positive work environment. There are different entities and organisations that already offer these and are called extracurricular activities.

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The most valued and talented employees

These types of employees must fulfill a series of characteristics that are looked for by the company. Among other reasons, finding replacement for a talented and competent employee is not an easy task, at least not in the short term.

The most valued employees for the organisation know what the company needs and are totally involved in the objectives of the organisation. They are a true example of performance for others and boost morale in the workplace.

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