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The best coworking spaces in Barcelona

In Barcelona, you can find all kinds of coworking spaces on offer. 

Coworking is a style of working with different professionals, entrepreneurs and independent industries that share a common space. This space can be physical, but also virtual, where you can develop your projects independently and jointly.

This cooperative work has the advantage of strengthening relations between professionals from different sectors.

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This is a former Barcelona clothing store, ​​remodeled with modular furniture and created for different environments according to the event that is going to be celebrated.

One of the contributions of MOB are initiatives for entrepreneurs, such as modern programming courses called Iron Kack. 


In this case, Betahaus is a coworking company with international profiles, based in important cities in Europe, such as Hamburg, Vienna, Berlin and Copenhagen. Betahaus features 6 floors, with five terraces, Skype call rooms, a patio, a cafeteria, and much more.

Meet BCN

This design space offers its more than 210 square metres, with a virtual office, the possibility to rent meeting rooms, and a training room for coworkers and for outsiders.

Alpha Espai

Located in the technological district of Barcelona, it ​​offers services at varied rates for different options, with the possibility of a personalised counseling service during the phases of each project.


From this space, it is intended to promote cooperative social entrepreneurship, as an important means to achieve cultural, social and economic changes.

Gracia Work Center

For a fee of 150 euros per month plus VAT, this space can be occupied 24 hours a day. All the expenses and services are included in this extensive coworking centre.


Located in Torers i Amat 21, we have one of the most demanded coworking centers in Barcelona. There are several plans and rates, during the seven days of the week.

MG CoWorking

This coworking centre offers a wide range of services, from photocopies, cafeteria, office room with microwave and refrigerator to meeting rooms, locker, etc.

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Another well-known centre, located in Blesa 27. A great variety of options and services await its occupants.


With an exceptional location, it offers a striking layout, with workstations distributed in two sections, a meeting room, an office kitchen to disconnect from everyday tasks, etc.

Nidok Coworking

Located in the neighbourhood of Gracia, it has 10 workstations with two very interesting functional spaces: an exhibition gallery and a photography studio, equipped with all kinds of state-of-the-art devices. You can bring your own equipment or rent them.

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