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The district of Sant Gervasi's top surprises

Sant Gervasi is an exclusive district in Barcelona. The statistics do not lie: its inhabitants have the highest level of income in the region. The quality of life that takes place in this high-end area is remarkable, with ample opportunities for social relations and traditional Catalan tranquility. Many families with children who want to live in harmony without the hustle and bustle of Barcelona choose this district as their main place in the world.

One of the top surprises of this neighbourhood is that it maintains its typical physiognomy with buildings that date back to the 19th century. The fact that this district was founded by the wealthy classes of that era, with mansions to spend mainly the summer months in, it provides a unique facade. One of the highlights is that, as Barcelona is one of the cities with the most vibrancy and intensity of Europe, in Sant Gervasi you can take a stroll and enjoy the peace and quiet. Another surprising fact is that this district has the highest percentage of inhabitants born in Barcelona ​​as well as people who have only ever lived in this region.

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To get a feel for this place, you only need to pay attention and observe the accuracy and precision with which the locals speak and pronounce Catalan, a beautiful language that sounds like music to the ears. It is said that the locals of Sant Gervasi are proud of their dialect.

The average spending and economic levels of its inhabitants are the highest in the region, considering the possession of cars, second homes and first-class private medical assistance. This makes a lot of sense as to why so many people choose to live in a safe and quiet environment.

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At the architectural level, the Sagrado Corazón Church stands out the most. With its Byzantine and neo-Gothic style elements, its imposing structure and facade invite temple lovers to discover one of the most outstanding wonders of Barcelona. The image of Jesus is one of the biggest attractions for both residents and visitors.

The greenery in this district is very vast and offers a comfortable space for the summer months. Families can take a walk in peace, let the children play and appreciate such natural spaces in the western area of ​​Barcelona.

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