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The very first house that Gaudí designed

When we mention the name Antoni Gaudí, we cannot help but think of him as a great reference of Catalan architecture and, above all, Barcelona. In fact, his prestigious works are recognised internationally and known throughout the world. However, only a few know about his first ever project. In this article, we offer you the chance to discover Gaudí's first completed project so you can enjoy it the next time you visit Barcelona.

What was the first project of Antoni Gaudí?

Manuel Vicens i Montaner, a wealthy insurance broker, was the name of the first person who put his trust in Antoni Gaudí, the great genius of Catalan Modernism, to commission a project for him. Amazed by the architect's originality and imagination, he suggested the construction of a villa in which oriental influences, Nasrids, and Mudejars were present, and in which the gardens were the real focal points. Unfortunately, these no longer exist today.

The truth is that it took a long time until this property, which is located on Carolines street in Barcelona, received the recognition it deserves. Specifically, the project was commissioned to Gaudí in 1878, that is, when he was only 26 years old, and the complexity of the structure meant that the works did not complete until 1885. In addition, it was renovated several times by Joan Baptista de Serra Martínez, who was a great friend of the most prestigious architect in the history of Catalonia.

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For more than 130 years, this villa was exclusively enjoyed by its private owners. However, everything changed in 2005, when it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In fact, in 2014, this event led to the purchase of the property by the Andorran bank Morabanc, which then decided that it should become a museum open to anyone who would like to visit it. Two years of renovation and 4.5 million euros later, this dream came true.

Characteristic features of the villa

In this villa, Gaudí wanted to bring out the concept that the language of nature should have a place in private life within a city. Therefore, beyond the exterior gardens that no longer exist, the walls and roofs of the house are full of features that reflect plant, animal and floral motifs. The renovation work has been excellent and, thanks to Gaudí, today it is possible to appreciate many of the details that had almost been destroyed throughout time.

The ceilings and wooden beams and mosaics are the other features that best define this house. Without a doubt, no words can describe its magnificence so now that it is open to the public, we want to invite you to visit it. It will definitely be an experience for anyone who lives in Barcelona or comes for a visit.

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