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Tips and tricks to save on heating costs

When the cold weather starts, putting the heating on is not an option, but a must if we want to feel warm and comfortable in our own home. However, as we begin using the heating, regardless of whether it's electric or gas, it will mean a considerable increase in our utility bill costs. Fortunately, there are many easy tricks and strategies that can help us reduce this expense, without sacrificing our comfort inside the house.

1. There is a widespread myth that tries to convince us that it is better to keep the heating on all day, at a constant temperature rather than turn it off and then restart it. According to experts, this is completely false. The best way is to adjust the thermostat for the number of hours we are actually at home and turn it off when we are about to go out or sleep at night.

2. Working out the right temperature and not exceeding it is very important for making significant savings. If a temperature of 20 ºC is recommended during the day, it should not exceed 16 ºC at night. It must be taken into account that, for every degree reduction, between 7 and 11 per cent savings can be achieved.

3. The clothes worn at home also have an impact on the possible savings in heating. Even when it comes to creating a comfortable environment, that does not mean wearing short sleeved tops around the house, because you will need more heating to keep you warm. Comfortable and warm clothing, such as sweatshirts, thick socks and quilts on the bed, allow you to save money by not using as much heating, but without losing any comfort.

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4. Installing adequate home insulation is essential to avoid letting heat escape and thus wasting energy. It is especially important in doors, windows as well as blinds and other types of window coverings. A simple weatherseal or silicone putty can temporarily solve the problem and prevent about 5% of the heat generated by the heating system from escaping.

5. An excellent measure, before the winter is over, is to evaluate which is the most economical and efficient system for your needs. If the boiler is older than 10 years, replacing it for energy efficient systems can represent savings of up to 15%. Check the condition of the radiators and opt for installing systems that allow you to individually turn off those that will have no use in the spare rooms. You will soon notice the difference on your utility bills.

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