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Transformation of La Rambla in Barcelona

Recently, the Barcelona City Council has presented a contest for national and international bidders whose objective is to define a strategy to urbanise La Rambla and give it a new look as a space for the city.

This project has been carried out through an interdisciplinary team composed of economists, engineers, sociologists and architects, among other experts.

The deadline and budget for the project

According to the local authorities, this competition comes with an initial budget of 661,000 euros. The same team will be responsible for the management of the work. The total cost of the project could rise to almost 900,000 euros, and that's without taking into account the VAT.

With regard to deadlines, in principle it is planned that the project will be ready by the autumn of next year 2018, and works would begin in 2019.

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Objectives of future works

According to Ciutat Vella's council, the need for new ideas, innovative methods with which to restore La Rambla for the locals and also as a tourist, cultural and heritage strategy need to be stated.

As part of the city's action plan, the councilor at the municipal department of Architecture, Urban Landscape and Heritage, Daniel Mòdol, wanted to point out that La Rambla is a place that has been emblematic for many years and an icon for Barcelona.

Putting this new project into motion is going to be competetive and not only to improve the quality of life for its residents, but also to make La Rambla a place of identity in the city.

We should keep in mind that approximately one hundred million people pass through La Rambla throughout the year for one reason or another. It has been estimated that Barcelona can receive more than thirty million visitors a year, and out of them more than 80 per cent go through this well-known route.

As for the day-to-day data, in one working day about 300,000 people will pass through La Rambla. This number logically increases during the weekend.

One of the concerns of the aforementioned council is that La Rambla is filling itself with tourists. It is also necessary to restore this area for the residents, even though their numbers don't reach a thousand compared to the figures that we have seen from visitors.

There is already a plan in progress

While the new project is being implemented, a special plan is currently being put into force. It aims to restrict La Rambla's uses. Among the actions that are being carried out there will be fewer passenger stops and a reduction in news agencies.

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