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Use a blog as a curriculum vitae

One of the impacts of technological and communication development in recent years has been the importance of the virtual world around commerce and work. Year after year, the advancement of the Internet has contributed to the fact that a large part of society has turned to this medium in order to make their profession, skills, and experience known to the world. This has led to a series of great results, such as the possibility of using a blog as a curriculum vitae. But how does it work?

Blogs are websites that allow the user to get their point of view, personal experience, knowledge, and the way they work across to the world. Most companies have started paying attention to people's blogs in order to know a little more about who they are looking to hire. Many of them, more and more frequently, consider a blog as a better way of getting to know the candidate compared to the traditional methods of personal interview or a CV. This idea is based on the fact that many candidates have an excellent curricular design, but when they take their work into practice, they have less capacity than the one expressed. The blog as a CV provides the possibility to get to know the person directly and their possible way of working. Next, we will explore the highlights of this virtual mode of presentation.

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Organisation: An organised blog reflects an orderly person. When an entrepreneur observes a blog that's incoherent, disorderly and illogical, it translates into how this person might behave at the workplace. Conversely, if everything is neatly arranged, it is an aspect that is supposed to be positive and is valued as a characteristic of the person in any situation.

Concise: If the person is concise, it is highly valued by employers. If one provides little or outdated, it will go against them. 

Communication ability: the ability to communicate reflects mental clarity. It is a highly valued aspect that talks a lot about the person in question. The quality of expression and the grammatical accuracy are details that always add up.

Opinion: Opinions that are very contentious or very submissive to certain ideologies, are also read with interest by the employers, who use them to get to know the candidate's way of thinking.

Personality: a willful personality that proposes changes and suggests new ways of working is a factor to which attention is paid. If ideas are expressed but state that there is no room for improvement, it will not be a positive aspect for the workplace.

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