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What are the 5 smartest questions that must be asked in a job interview?

Any coach or recruiter has a few favourite questions to ask the candidates. The purpose of the questionnaire will be to find out the skills and abilities of the job candidate, whether he will perform well, how he works as a team member or under pressure, etc.

The best questions

There are many types of questions and the chances are that the candidate has already prepared the answers. Here are the five most intelligent questions that can be asked:

1. Where would you like to be in ten years? This is a question that will inquire whether the future employee's will is to advance in his or her career, or they are seeking personal stability and don't want to move up to a better position. This question is usually answered in a very standard way by the candidates, in addition to having the answer prepared in advance.

The answer that the recruiter expects to get will most likely be something like the employee would like to have progressed in those years to some position of special responsibility within the company, to have collaborated to fulfill organisational goals, etc. If you want the employer to value your sincerity, the correct answer could be to increase your standard of living by getting promoted.

A smarter, more specific question in this regard might be: What skills do you think you will have developed in those ten years that will help you to progress in your career?

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2. What are your weaknesses and strengths? Knowing the opinion of the candidates themselves about their weaknesses and their strengths is always positive. Above all, in the case of weak points, you can continue to ask how they intend to overcome them. When you talk about the strengths, the next question would be "How do you think your strengths can help your future job in our company?"

3. What attracts you to this job? This is a question that tries to analyse if the candidate knows the specific position for which he presents his candidacy, and the company in general.

4. What has been your biggest career success and what is your biggest failure? The ability to recognise the successes and failures of the candidate is another of the characteristics that define him as a person. Your answers can be very indicative about your career, and also about your personal achievements.

5. What can you do for our company that others can not? Another very interesting question that evaluates many aspects: the skills, training and preparation of the applicant, knowledge of their own resources, their integrity, information about what the company is looking for, etc.

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