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What is the perfect resume according to Google?

One can safely say that those who know best about how a good resume should be structured are the companies that often receive these to cover the positions they offer. If we also consider a company like Google, which receives almost 50,000 of resumes every week, we can consider that it has a lot to say about the issue. That's why it's worth paying attention to the tips provided by the Silicon Valley's own technology director for creating the perfect resume:

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  • Be brief and concise. Demonstrating your communication and organisational skills are qualities that are highly valued by companies. If all the relevant data goes into a single page it will be to your advantage. In fact, the hiring manager at Google recommends using one page as a rule for every 10 years of experience.

  • Correct writing and no spelling mistakes. No matter the type of job the candidate is applying for, a resume with spelling errors disqualifies the candidate immediately. Proofreading the resume several times is, therefore, advisable. It is also worth reading out your resume to another person so that you get their opinion and find errors at the same time.
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  • Keep the layout simple and orderly. Except in special cases, if a job for which an attractive and special design is requested, the most successful tip is to follow the traditional black and white, with contact information clearly present on each page. When attaching the resume in an email, a PDF format should be used as this ensures that you can preview it beforehand.

  • Neither lie nor provide information that is considered confidential. Lying is a very short-term solution. Pretending to have higher knowledge of languages ​​or computer programmes can be overlooked even during the job interview. But, if the job is granted to you, sooner or later that lie will be revealed. Likewise, if there is a confidentiality agreement with the previous company, it must be respected. The new company will not run the risk of hiring someone who could later unravel their secrets to their competitors.

  • Reflect on your performed duties and achievements. It is not enough to just mention your previous jobs. You should give a brief description of your roles. The achievements and goals, along with data and percentages, will provide the hiring manager of the new company a much closer idea of ​​what the candidate may be able to do if he / she gets the job.

Source: Forbes
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