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Where to find outdoor cinemas in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of those European cities that invites many tourists and fans from all over the world. The avant-garde life in the field of arts returns to this cosmopolitan city one for the diffusion of all kinds of artistic events. Cinema, of course, can not be the exception. As accompanied by the Mediterranean climate, Barcelona has a large number of outdoor cinema offers to enjoy the seventh art. Do you want to know where to see this type of modality in Barcelona? Find the answer below.

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  • Mecal Air: between the months of June and October, this outdoor cinema has a series of short films on offer. It is held in Barcelona every year, with very attractive and novel proposals. Their selection seeks to bring together the most recognised shows in the field, and it is necessary to emphasise that they have an excellent criterion when selecting the pieces that will be part of their repertoire. The place selected for this special event is Plaza del Baluard. Count on an affordable ticket that is worth paying.

  • Cinema a la Fresca: in the Civic Centre Cocheras de Sants, year after year, between June and July, lots of outdoor cinema sessions are organised. In general, its selection obeys to recent releases, and one of the advantages that it has is that its entry is free. Undoubtedly, this is the type of event that's most recognised in Barcelona, as much for the location of its neighbourhood as for the attraction of numerous arts that look more nourishing year by year with the best productions.

  • Cosmonits de Película: lovers of science and research will find this type of cinema the best selection that can not be missed out on. It is worth knowing this fantastic place (CosmoCaixa) the entry is cheap and there is the possibility of obtaining discounts. In general, films are presented in their original language, although sometimes they may also be shown in Catalan or Spanish.

  • Terraza Nau Ivanow: who does not like to enjoy the cinema on a terrace? In the cultural centre of Nau Ivanow, different cinema sessions are held in the summer season. Taking advantage of its beautiful terrace, it generates unique and attractive offers to enjoy this art fully. Movies are always subtitled, and it is necessary to keep in mind that just like the other outdoor cinemas, you must buy tickets.
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