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With a population of 1.6 million people, Barcelona is the core of a metropolitan region 2.500km2 that consists of nearly 5 million people, representing 63.4% of the Catalan population and 10.2% of the Spanish population. Not surprisingly, the Talana CA capital is one of the major metropolitan areas of Europe, being higher than in the areas of Berlin, Rome or Stockholm. In this line, the Catalan community has a GDP per capita of 26,666 euros, higher than the Spanish average (22,279 euros) and the average of the European Union, consisting of 24,486 euros.

Just like in other large urban centres, Barcelona has a diversified economy with highly competitive industrial sectors, representing 8% of total employment in the city, services, tourism and trade (which accounts for 88% occupation), construction (3%) new technologies and logistics (3%). In recent years, the city has promoted new strategic sectors such as mobile technology, smart cities, green energy, biomedicine, sailing, and many more. This is why in 2014, Barcelona was chosen as the European Capital of Innovation.

In turn, thanks to first-class infrastructure such as the Port of Barcelona, the airport, the high speed train, the Zona Franca, the Fira de Barcelona, Mercabarna and the futuristic Mediterranean Corridor (the railway line linking the main port of Spain to central and northern Europe as well as north Africa), the Catalan capital and its metropolitan area is taking root node as a major economic activity linked to logistics, with access to southern markets Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia and Latin America.

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With a GDP of 197.319 million euros in 2013, according to INE, the Catalan economy, generating 18.8% of the national GDP, the more prosperous autonomous community of Spain is followed closely by the Community Madrid (18.7% of GDP). In this line, the Catalan capital stands out as one of the first cities in the state to start the counting process of economic recovery, today, with a global employment rate of 65.4%, this is significantly higher than the Catalan half (61.7%) and Spanish (55.9%). The existence of a strong and diversified business network in the Catalan capital and a firm commitment to entrepreneurship explains this revival. According to the latest data provided by the Central Companies Directory (CCD) of the INE, in the Barcelona area today a total of 438 385 companies exist, 14% of Spain, being mostly SMEs.

Throughout 2014, a total of 7,067 new companies began trading, which is 5% more than there was in 2013. On the other hand, the rate of entrepreneurial activity (TEA) of the resident population (1864 years) were created Province Barcelona stands at 6.5%, exceeding the rates of France (5.2%), Finland (6%) and Germany (5.3%) and the Spanish average (5.7%). Also, the Catalan capital has also been one of the main areas where housing prices have begun to stabilise in 2014, and even growing higher in certain areas, after 6 years of having been in continuous decline. So, today the average price per square metre in the Catalan capital is 3,259 euros with large differences region by region. The highest prices are found in neighbourhoods like Sarria - Sant Gervasi (5400 euros), the Eixample (4000 euros) and Les Corts (4100 euros), while the lowest are recorded in Nous Barris (1700 euros) and Sant Andreu (2600 euros).

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Barcelona has an open and connected to the world economy, and has always attracted foreign investors. Not surprisingly, the Catalan region currently hosts about 5,600 foreign companies, the main countries of origin Germany (15.8%), France (14.4%) and the Netherlands (13.2%). Moreover, Catalonia concentrates most of the Japanese companies (85.9%), Italy (67.1%), US (63%), French (61.9%), Austrian (56.4%) and Swiss (50.1%) implanted in Spain.

Also, the latest report from Global Cities Investment Monitor KPMG puts Barcelona on the tenth po-sition between the major urban areas of the world in receiving foreign investment projects. This data shows that the city has advanced in two positions relative to 2012, surpassing San Francisco.

It was noted that Barcelona concentrated on 30% of foreign investment projects in Spain during 2013, followed by Madrid with 18%.

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With over 7.6 million visitors and 16.5 million staying overnight every year, Barcelona has become one of the main urban destinations in Europe and the first in Spain. Currently, it occupies 6th place in the ranking of European cities preferred by tourism, and number 23 in the world, according to Euromonitor International report. Likewise, other studies such as MasterCard Index of Global Destination Cities, 2013, located in the Catalan capital as the tenth city in the world and third in Europe -only behind London and Paris in terms of international visitor numbers and tourist spending; while according to for Trip Advisor it is the world's fifth tourism centre. This attractive city also occupies an important place in tourism business: according to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), Barcelona is the first city in the world by number Delegates and third in number of international conferences organised in 2008-2012.

It has also been enshrined as the first European city to cruise passengers, with 2.6 million passengers in 2013. Given these figures, and the drop in prices of more than 40% from highs, it is not surprising that many foreign , especially those nations less affected by the crisis, are encouraged to buy property in the Catalan capital for their holidays or to rent out well.

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Barcelona holds the title of being the best European city with better quality of life for employees according to the European Cities Monitor, a position that has been held for the past 14 years. The city offers a pleasant Mediterranean climate with over 2,400 hours of sunshine annually, parks, 4 kilometres of unspoiled beaches, an extensive network of public transport, tourist attractions and world-renowned Mediterranean cuisine and excellent connections compared with the rest of Europe and the world. It also has a high-quality education system, excellent medical coverage with universal access for residents, a complete network of shops and shopping centres, one of the best and most extensive cultural offerings of Europe (78 museums, including the Picasso Museum, 46 theatres and one of the palaces of the most famous opera houses in Europe) as well as a wide variety of sports and leisure activities known as Foundation (Barcelona hosts the "club," the club of world's most famous soccer).

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The Entrepreneurs Act passed the fourth quarter of 2013, which provides for the granting of residence permits for foreigners who conduct real estate acquisitions in Spain for an amount equal to or greater than 500,000 euros, it is one of the key factors of interest that the foreigners come to invest in the city.



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