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Apartments and properties for short-term rental in Barcelona

Work-related stays and visits: the advantages of a short-term rental in Barcelona

Short-term rentals are increasingly in demand in major cities, due to the significant number of professionals and visitors who need to stay in one of these cities for a limited period. Barcelona is a typical case because of its status as the economic, cultural and tourist capital of southern Europe.  This is why high demand for this kind of property service is concentrated in Ciudad Condal, and Engel & Völkers provides a tailored high-quality response in terms of these services.
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Solutions for any accommodation requirement

Stays of several months in Barcelona can be necessary to reasons as varied as those previously mentioned. Of course, travel for business or work is one of the main reasons for people looking to rent a property in the Catalan capital. Barcelona is a major hub of economic activity for a wide range of production sectors and this translates into the mobility of professionals from all corners of the world. The proximity to business areas, such as Diagonal Mar, is highly valued by this group.

Of course, the Mediterranean city is also home to the headquarters of numerous academic institutions, which in turn generates the arrival of several tens of thousands of foreign students throughout the year, as well as teachers and researchers. For all of them, the availability of purpose-built housing close to campus is essential to enjoying a pleasant stay in the city. And we should not forget long-term tourist visits, common among senior travellers who like to have high-quality accommodation that makes them feel at home.

An offer that covers all districts and all user requirements

The list of properties available for short-term rental managed by Engel & Völkers meets all of the above needs and does so from all Barcelona districts. We are talking about more than 200 properties compatible with this type of accommodation and strategically distributed throughout the districts and neighbourhoods of Barcelona. These include, for example, Ciutat Vella, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Gràcia, Les Corts, Nou Barris or l'Eixample, as well as different sub-areas in each of these districts.

Obviously, users' family and/or personal circumstances may make it more advisable to opt for a certain type of property. This is not a problem either, because the Engel & Völkers property portfolio is made up of by all types of housing that might be required by the market. Family homes in the most exclusive districts (Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Les Corts, etc.), more spacious duplexes and apartments in more central locations (l'Eixample), smaller apartments and excellent locations (Ciutat Vella), homes with excellent sea views (Barceloneta) or more economical offerings (Nou Barris, Sant Andreu,etc.): all come with the E&V quality guarantee.

Advantages for users

Opting for a short-term rental instead of other accommodation offerings brings clear advantages for users. From the outset, your stay in Barcelona will be the closest thing to living in a second home, enjoying the freedom to turn each property into a real home. In addition, the necessary formalities are simple, quick and with full guarantees for users, thereby contributing to an easy experience in the city without the need to comply with cumbersome administrative procedures.

Another characteristic of a short-term rental with E&V contributing to users' peace of mind is the genuine nature of the owners who make their homes available to seasonal residents. The properties not only meet all the minimum conditions that users may require but also add value to their stay due to their excellent state of repair, additional services and top quality workmanship. Our experience confirms that agreements are always reached quickly and are highly satisfactory for all parties.

Professional care and specialist services

Whatever the type of property desired or the area of the city for which you would prefer to receive information about short-term rentals, the team of property consultants at Engel & Völkers always works with the highest standards of professionalism, rigour and transparency. This team is a select group of people who are very familiar with the current status of the Barcelona residential market as well as the life of the city, which means they are able to find the exact property to best suit each user. A personalized service guaranteeing a happy stay in the always vibrant Barcelona.

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