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A Unique Glimpse of Benidorm Life Through its Various Webcams

Here we have listed and linked to the various webcams situated throughout Benidorm. You can see what the current weather is like, enjoy the views, get an idea of how busy the beaches and Boulevards are, and get a general idea about the lifestyle and activities from certain hotels, bars and cafés. You are welcome to Bookmark this page as it makes life a lot easier having all the info in one place.


Playa de Levante (Levante Beach)

This live webcam is positioned high up on a lamp post lining the Levante Beach promenade. This webcam shows a clear view of the entire beach—with its slightly-crescent shoreline, golden sands and gorgeous blue waters creating wide waves on the shore. Towards the far end of the feed is the outline of the nearby Serra Gelada Mountains, as well numerous skyscrapers that comprise Benidorm’s skyline in the Rincon de Loix area.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- 1 Playa de Levante webcam.jpg

Playa de Poniente (Poniente Beach)

This webcam situated high up in the Poniente area and looking from Finestrat side offers a grand, sweeping view of Poniente Beach, the skyline, and part of Benidorm’s City Centre and Old Town. Here you can see the Delfin Tower, a building with an unmistakable sail-shape that is currently undergoing development, as well as other skyscrapers in the area. The Castille promontory—a headland that separates Poniente from Levante, and where Benidorm Old Town is located—can also be viewed.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- 2 Playa de Poniente webcam.jpg


Playa de Levante Promenade

Perched atop the Resthotel S.L. on the levante beachfront, this webcam offers views of the Levante Beach promenade / boulevard, with its uniquely-patterned tiles, tall lamp posts, palm trees and numerous benches facing the sea. You can also see the waves lapping at the beach’s white sands, as well as the tip of Playa Levante’s shore, called Punta de Pinet.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- 3 Playa de Levante Promenade webcam.jpg

Playa de Poniente Promenade / Hotel Marconi Webcam

A webcam on top of Hotel Marconi shows a wide view of Poniente Beach and its seafront, including the popular, curving Playa Poniente promenade. People can be seen jogging, walking their dogs or just casually strolling along the wide, promenade that features a smooth, blue floor and plenty of bushes and palm trees along the side.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- 4. Playa de Poniente Promenade Hotel Marconi Webcam.jpg


Hotel Helios

Hotel Helios, located 500 meters away from Levante Beach, is an expansive hotel with lovely views of Benidorm’s palm-lined streets and the Mediterranean Sea. As it is positioned high up on the hotel, this webcam provides an excellent way to check the weather, traffic conditions and activities in the nearby streets of Benidorm’s Levante area.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- 5. Hotel Helios Webcam.jpg

Hotel Bilbaino

Situated in front of Levante Beach, Hotel Bilbaino features a live webcam with HD views of Levante’s palm-lined promenade and of the beach itself. Neighboring high-rise buildings fronting the beach can also be seen, as well as a few Chiringuitos or beach bars positioned along the tiled promenade.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- 6. Hotel Bilbaino Webcam.jpg

Hotel Cimbel

This popular live webcam on Hotel Cimbel provides a sweeping view of a large portion of Levante Beach, including its promenade and the beach bars lining along it. During summer, you can see the blue specks of sunbeds scattered along the shore. At night, people can be seen casually strolling under the tall lamp posts and hanging lights of the beach’s promenade.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- 7. Hotel Cimbel Webcam.jpg


Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada

This webcam positioned atop Torre Dorada, provides a stunning view of Poniente Beach. The webcam shows live, high-definition (HD) footage of the entire Poniente Beach with its golden sand shore and blue waters, as well as the Benidorm skyline. You can even see the golden InTempo Towers—Benidorm’s tallest tower and the fifth tallest in all of Spain—in the background.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- 8. Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada Webcam.jpg


Café Roman

Roman is a lovely café-bar located at the end of Levante Beach, in the popular area of Rincón de Loix. It has a webcam that broadcasts live HD footage of a portion of Avenida de Madrid, as well as the spacious promenade beside it, covered by colorful, patterned tiles. Palm trees can be seen with leaves gently swaying in the wind, with the golden shore and deep blue waters of Levante Beach clearly visible beyond.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- 9. Café Roman Webcam.jpg


Cable Ski Benidorm (Playa de Levante) / Rincon de Loix

Soft waves, deep blue waters and a long stretch of white sand can be clearly seen from this webcam of Levante Beach. The webcam is positioned on one of the structures owned and operated by Cable Ski Benidorm. It is aimed from the Rincon de Loix area and offers a breathtaking view of the sea, sandy shore, and high-rise buildings that make up the background. The camera also offers close-up footage of Cable Ski's water skiing platforms, as well as of the beach bars on the shore.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- 10. Cable Ski Benidorm Webcam Rincon de Loix.jpg


Finestrat (Cala Finestrat)

Finestrat is a small municipality situated near Benidorm. It is known for its lovely crescent-shaped cove, Cala Finestrat, which boasts of gentle waves and crystal clear waters. This webcam from the La Cala Hotel offers a view of the cove’s gently sloping white-sand shore, and the crescent shoreline lapped by small waves. At the background are the mountains of the nearby town of Villa Joyosa.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- 11. Webcam Rincon de Loix.jpg

Rincón de Loix

This webcam from Cable Ski Benidorm allows viewers to see the many high-rise buildings or skyscrapers that make up Rincón de Loix, a district in Benidorm known for its vibrant atmosphere and lively nightlife. The webcam also offers views of the portion of Levante Beach that the district shares—its white-sand shore, tall palm trees and many cafés and beach bars lining the promenade area.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- 12. Webcam weather for benidorm.jpg

Benidorm Old Town / Weather Check Webcam

This webcam positioned in the Old Town, is an ideal way to check today’s weather and currently experienced in Benidorm’s entire city. It also plays back the weather footage from the last 24 hours.

Operated and hosted by Meteo Benidorm, this webcam provides live footage of Benidorm’s town or city centre from a highly-elevated point of view. Many buildings can be seen on video, including figures and silhouettes of distant skyscrapers that make up much of the city centre. In the background, you can clearly see the outline of the mountains of Puig Campana.

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