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 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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Benidorm boasts two fun-filled and exciting waterparks:  Aqualandia and Aqua Natura. 

Aqualandia is one of the largest waterparks in the world and offers a wide array of thrills in many of its attractions. The minimum height requirement varies from 1.20m to 1.25 m.  Therefore, the park is best suited for children above 6 years old.

Aqua Natura offers many attractions and exclusive areas for children. Animal shows where Roland and Petra, the seals, teach children the importance of protecting the oceans. Younger children are best suited for Aqua Natura, where some spectacular shows await.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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How many attractions are in Aqualandia Benidorm?

Aqualandia Benidorm has 16 unique attractions which are divided into Children’s, Moderate, and Radical Attractions. A fantastic experience awaits guests of all ages!

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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Lagoon - kids will enjoy sports activities with basketball rings, nets, catwalks, trampolines and zip lines in this colourful play area.

Adventureland - perfect for the energetic child - with slides, balls, water throwers, children's maze, and other pool activities.

Geyser - kids and adults can cool off in the refreshing waters from the waterfalls and play in the shallow swimming pool.

Great Jacuzzi Iguazu - experience a relaxing water massage in a huge Jacuzzi with waterfalls and water jets in the submerged seats.

Niagara - a wide swimming area where kids can dive into the clear blue waters and explore the caves behind the splashing waterfalls.

Mini Zig-Zag - an exciting water slide for the courageous young ones, surrounded by garden plants and colourful posters.

Wave Pool - catch a wave in this huge pool with progressive depth, a feeling of the ocean in Aqualandia!

The Amazon - experience an Amazon vibe while relaxing in the gentle current of this circular river with lush gardens and trees. A safe and fun play area for all ages!

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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Cyclone - ride the world's longest water slide over 200 metres long and 36 metres high, and hit the speed of 60km/h before being swallowed by a huge vortex funnel, giving a feeling of almost zero gravity. A unique and exhilarating adventure!

Soft Tracks - race with your friends again and again in the five parallel waterslides that descends fast! Adrenaline rush for the teens and adults alike.

Zig-Zag - be entertained with the twists and turns of five crisscrossing waterslides with each slide bringing a unique excitement.

Rapids -  enjoy an invigorating descent with friends and family while seated on a float, with fast turns and bumps on the way down.

Black-Hole - an exciting waterslide that goes into a dark hole and exits into a refreshing pool, designed for the thrill-seekers!

Splash - six parallel waterslides where you lie on your chest on a rubber mat and you descend fast while holding on to the mat. An exciting way to compete with your friends!

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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Big Bang - three waterslides that start from varying heights, with steep freefalls ending in a Big Bang splash. Only for the brave of heart!

Verti-Go - a set of two slides of 28 and 33 meters high, this is the ultimate daredevil ride in Aqualandia. The taller slide is the highest slide in Europe and the tallest slide-capsule in the world. The rider will accelerate to more than 100 km/h in just 3 seconds.  Verti-Go is like jumping from the 13th floor. Extreme adventure!

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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FAQ: Common questions about Aqualandia Benidorm answered.

Do Aqualandia’s attractions have any height or weight restrictions?

The majority of the rides and attractions are for people who are at least 1.20 meters or taller. Children below that height can enjoy the children's area, the shallow pools, and the Mini Zig-Zag.

Moderate Attraction:

Cyclon - 320kg maximum per float

Black Hole - 160 maximum per float

Radical Attraction:

Verti-Go -  120kg maximum bodyweight

What months are the park open?

The park usually opens at the last weekend of May and closes at the last weekend of September, the date varies a little depending on the weather and the calendar. It is not open all-year-round.

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Is Aqualandia open in winter?


What time does AQUALANDIA open?

The park opens at 10:00 AM  and closes at 8:00 PM. Afternoon admission begins at 3:00 PM.

Is the waterpark an indoor park?


What type of water is used in Aqualandia?


Does the waterpark have storage facilities?

Yes, locker rental is €4, plus a €2 security deposit.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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Can we bring food and drinks?

Yes, outside food is allowed but glass containers are not.

What is the best age for kids to enjoy Aqualandia?

Kids around 6 years old or younger, and below 4 feet will have a great time at the Children’s Attractions.

Moderate Attractions are for kids 4feet and above, while the Radical Attraction like the Verti-Go requires the height of 4feet and 5inches.

Children who are 12 years old or older do not have to be accompanied by an adult to go on the rides.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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Ticket Prices

How much are the tickets?

Normal admission at ticket offices is as follows:

Aqualandia admission tickets cost €39 for adults and €29 for children (4-12 years).

Discounted admission tickets for individuals with disabilities may be purchased at ticket offices with proof of at least 33% degree of disability or greater. Discount is valid for the person with the disability and one companion.

Youth card discount may be availed by presenting a youth card and national identity document and enjoy a 30% discount on individual admission to the park.

Do you need to print-out tickets bought online or can they validate tickets on your phone?

No printouts needed. Tickets can be validated by showing the code from your mobile phone.

Are online tickets cheaper?


Can we skip the queue entrance with tickets bought online?

Yes, online tickets allow you to use the skip-the-line entrance to the park.

Can tickets be changed for another day?

Yes. Tickets may be rescheduled, but not refunded.

Are there free parking spaces?

Yes, plenty of free parking spaces are available.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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Is the bus ride to Aqualandia free?

No, Llorente Bus - Benidorm to Aqualandia tickets cost around 1€ - 2€ with bus trips leaving every 15 minutes.

Does the waterpark allow pets inside?

No. Cages for small breeds of dogs are available at the entrance, you may leave your pet with food. Caraby doggy daycare is located nearby.

Is Burkini (Muslim bathing outfit) allowed?

Yes. It is permitted if they are made for swimming.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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What are the attractions in the Aqua Natura?

Aqua Natura has 12 unique attractions that are divided into Little Kids, Family, and Adults Attractions. This ensures that an amazing time will be available for all guests, regardless of age.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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Chapoteo to Nero Kalo - children are entertained as they wait excitedly for a huge bucket to fill up and tips over to shower them with fresh water. The shallow pool has hideouts, passageways, marine animal figures, and a pirate ship with railings, walkways, and slides. It’s a fantastic area full of fun and excitement!

Adventure Island - an exciting and educational play area for young children up to 12 years of age with water jets, water bamboo, fountains, and cascades. There are three small beaches, two mini slides, and two spiral hydro-tubes that slide down into a water-break.

El Ojo De Las Cícladas - a play area with a set of waterslides where adults can slide with the kids- one slide is open, and the other is a closed hydro-tube.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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Black Hole - a  waterslide where you descend at high velocity and disappear into a black hole and exit onto a mirror of water - perfect for brave adventurers!

Rio Aventura - ride on your floating pad and launch yourself down the wide waterslide into a thrilling plunge. The new wide design of the slide makes the descent more stimulating.

Zigzag Giant Slide - let yourself be carried away by the current and descend rapidly through the twists and turns of this very long slide. It feels like falling down a never-ending slide!

Multipista  - enjoy a friendly competition with friends and ride these parallel open slides that drop into a steep descent towards a clear blue pool.

Aqua Snake - share the double raft and slide all the way through the 150 meters of zigzag descent that will make you hold your breath with every twist and turn.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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Niagara - a swift open tube slide, with 47 meters long that drops at high velocity from a height of 14 meters.

Speed Hole - ride an individual float and slide down from the height of 14 meters - this is one of Aqua Natura’s fastest slides.

La Cresta - a roller-coaster, closed slide that launches from 15 meters high and continues with a ramp 8 meters up then drops abruptly and ends in the safety pool.

Kamikaze - be daring and take a high-velocity free fall without mat, in a 47 meters long slide and a drop of 14 meters.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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Are there any height and weight restrictions for Aqua Natura’s attractions?

The majority of attractions require a minimum height of 120cm for safety purposes. The park has areas for young children, with slides and features adapted for very small children.

It is not permitted to take children less than 120cm tall onto attractions with height limits, even if they are accompanied by an adult.

Family and Adult Attraction Limits:

Black Hole - Minimum height 1.20m

Rio Aventura - minimum height 1.25m

Zigzag Giant Slide - minimum height 1.20m

Multipista - minimum height 1.20m

Aqua Snake - minimum height 1.20m

Niagara - minimum height 1.20m; maximum weight restriction: 100kg

Speed Hole - minimum height 1.20m

La Cresta - minimum height 1.25m; weight restriction: between 50 and 100kg

Kamikaze - minimum height 1.25m for this slide

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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Q&A: Common questions about Aqua Natura waterpark answered.

Which month does Aqua Natura open? Is the waterpark open for the whole year?
Aqua Natura Benidorm is open from May 1 until October 31. No, the park is not open for the entire year.

Is the waterpark open in the winter season?


What hour is the waterpark open?

June - July - August, and September: opens at 10:30 am

April - May - October: opens at 11.00 am

Closing time can be 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm or 7.30 pm

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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Is the waterpark open in winter?


What hours is the waterpark open?

June - July - August and September: opens at 10:30 am

April - May - October: opens at 11.00 am

Closing time can be 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm or 7.30 pm

Is it an indoor waterpark?


Does it use salt or freshwater?


Are there storage facilities available?

Yes, lockers are available.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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Are outside food and drinks allowed?

Yes, outside food is allowed. Ice chests or bags must not exceed the following dimensions: 30x20x20cm. Shopping carts, plastic bags or industrial containers of food are not allowed. Bottles and cans are not permitted.

What age is best to enjoy the park?

Children of all ages can enjoy the various waterslides and pools, but it is recommended that children must be a minimum of 120cm (47 inches) in height.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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What is the price of the ticket?

Adult: 32€

Children (4-12) and Seniors (60+): 26€

Do tickets bought online need to be printed out? Can we use our mobile phones for validating tickets?

Print-out is not needed - ticket validation through your mobile phone is done at the entrance.

Are tickets cheaper online?


If we buy online tickets, do we still have to queue at the entrance?

No, online tickets allow you to save time and skip the queue at the park.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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Can tickets be changed for another day if it rains?

No, the park is open even on rainy days.

How much does parking cost?

Aqua Natura’s parking fee is 5€ per day.

How much is the bus ride to Aqua Natura?

A bus ride to Aqua Natura from Benidorm costs 1€ - 2€, buses leave every 20 minutes.

Does the park allow pets inside?

No. Pets are not allowed.

 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
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