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The benefits of Bellver de Cerdanya 

Overwhelmed by the unacceptable rhythm of the city? Are you looking for a quiet place to rest on weekends? Maybe a vacation home?

Ideally located in the Pre-Pyrenees, 15 minutes away from Puigcerdà, there is an idyllic place, ideal to leave the stress accumulated at work while inhaling a clean and healing mountain air. This paradise is called Bellver de Cerdanya, a municipality of Cerdanya in Lleida that leaves visitors speechless and that is a reason of pride for residents.

The Real Estate Agency Engel & Völkers Cerdanya offers a selected portfolio to those looking for a house, apartment, flat or land in the area. We offer you a house adapted to your needs from which you can unravel all the secrets of Bellver de Cerdanya; from the historical memorials of the Civil War Park of the bunkers in Martinet i Montellà to the Cadí Moixeró Natural Park, passing through the caves that inspired La Cruz del Diablo de Bécquer or the Romanesque church located in Talltendre amogst others.

Towns in Bellver de Cerdanya

Each one of the towns that conform the municipality of Bellver de Cerdanya has its own history, gastronomy, nature, parties, people and food. For example, Talló is one of the most popular enclaves. There is another ecclesiastical construction worthy of mention: the church of Santa María de Talló stands imposing among the fields, in spring full of poppies and at the end of summer dominated by cereals rocked by the wind. Just a few kilometers from away the town center, this town allows you to walk quietly before returning to our house in a typical ceretan era or an apartment located in the center.

In Bellver de Cerdanya you can choose to taste the local cuisine in your own home or visit one of the renowned restaurants.  If you choose not to cook, it is possible to taste the trinxat, the longaniza of Cerdanya or the traditional sweets (cerdans, mel i mato, etc.).

Another place of obligatory visit is Riu de Santa María, an added nucleus of Bellver de Cerdanya where the houses of traditional architecture are organized in ceretan eras, some like the area of La Pleta have communal gardens and swimming pool.

Not far away is Néfol. Specifically, between Bellver de Cerdanya and the torrent of Pi, near the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park. Therefore, it is a perfect starting point for hikes in the mountains. The reserve stands out for the coniferous forests with boxwood or rhododendron, the herds of chamois and the great biodiversity in general. A life is not enough to observe all the fauna and flora that finds refuge in the Sierra del Cadí and its natural park.

From here, and going to the northeast, is the town of Cortàs. It is a small almost depopulated entity that stands out for the calcareous landscapes and for the Romanesque church of Sant Policarp de Cortàs.

Activities in Bellver de Cerdanya

To explore the municipality, a few days are not enough. Only to know in depth the mentioned localities until the moment can take years. Each recondite place has something to contribute for those in search of a well-deserved rest or a less disturbed life.

For example, far from the blue sky that reigns in the area, sunk in a karst terrain of unparalleled beauty, is the Cova d'Anes. It is a wide wound on the earth, a large cave. It is easy to explore and is cataloged as a caving adventure suitable for children. For the little ones, it is a unique opportunity to experience the geological processes that shape our landscapes. It is not the only cavity. Nearby are the Caves of La Fou de Bor, a much more extensive and complicated cavernous system in the charming village of Bor.

The natural and cultural heritage of the municipality is almost infinite, assuming an enviable environment to spend holidays with children. It is a magnificent summer destination: the skirts of the mountains are close and thanks to it the summers pass without reaching too high temperatures. In addition, the vegetation acts as a regulator of the climate and confers a perfect environment for games and rest. And of course, the winter with its snow white blanket and the nearby ski slopes attract the whole family.

Apart from the museums, emblematic buildings and nature, each town has its traditional celebrations. This is a new opportunity to enjoy a more human and family environment. The residents of Beders, Santa Magdalena, Baltarga and the other towns of Bellver de Cerdanya know each other, which facilitates an exultant atmosphere in the main festivities.

Given that the area has received a tremendous media exposure in the last two decades, the infrastructure, beauty and state of preservation of the environment is worthy of admiration. Companies have recently proliferated aimed at offering outdoor leisure alternatives. Bellver de Cerdanya is a remarkable destination for adventure tourism. The network of signposted routes, suitable to be traveled by bicycle or on foot, is also worth mentioning. Take for example the Camí del Bons Homs that is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls in a journey of about five kilometers or the Camino de Santiago that runs through the municipality and can be done even on the back of a horse.

For those who have an apartment or house in the area there is no room for boredom. Whether dancing sardanas, enjoying the parade in Carnival, or enjoying the popular dances of the pilgrimage of Talló there will always be something to do.

For this and much more, we invite you to browse through our catalog of houses, flats, apartments and land in the area. We are convinced that you will find a property made to your needs. And if the search gets complicated, do not hesitate to ask for help. We will be happy to assist you and offer you our advice.

Do not wait any longer to discover true well-being in Bellver de Cerdanya.

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Bellver de Cerdanya is a vast municipality to which Baltarga, Bor, Beders, Cortàs, Nèfol, Pi, Santa Eugenia, Riu de Santa María, Talló, Santa Magdalena, Talltendre and more belong. Its houses preserve the typical architecture of the region and its sunny landscapes are magnificent. To highlight from the head of the municipality (Bellver de Cerdanya) are the walls, its old city and its church as well as the equipment and services. The greatest exponent of the Romanesque style in the area is the Parrish of Santa Maria de Talló.