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Saneja, Sant Martí d'Aravó, Puigcerdà Residencial, Former Golf, Guils

Join us getting to know the municipality of Guils de Cerdanya! 

Guils de Cerdanya is a municipality belonging to the province of Girona, in the extreme north of Catalonia. Although historically this settlement has been predominantly agricultural and cattle breeder, at present it is the tourism sector that has taken the economic reins. It is, without a doubt, an excellent place to have a vacation home and here we explain why.

The nuclei that belong to the municipality of Guils de Cerdanya are the following: Saneja, Sant Martí d'Aravó, Sant Martí de Cerdanya and Guils town. Its landscapes are truly beautiful and despite being a modest site from the industrial point of view, in regard to nature, geography and architecture it has some jewels that will not go unnoticed to the eyes of visitors.

Activities and tourism in Guils de Cerdanya

The town of Guils has experienced in recent years a rise in Real Estate activity, which is due to tourism and, above all, the acquisition of vacation homes in the municipality. Why vacation homes? Because during winter you are close to the Nordic Ski Resort Guils Fontanera and can practice this sport. In addition, in this area you can, as in no other, enjoy the mountain, which is filled with mushrooms during the autumn months. The same mountain that occupies a forest area of ​​just over 1200 hectares and is available for public enjoyment throughout the year.

Turning right from the entrance of the town of Guils find a paved forest track that leads to Guils Fontanera, a group of Nordic skiing trails that represents the most important tourist attraction of the area. More than 34 km of tracks during high season with different levels: green, blue, red and black, so that the skier decides which level he wants to ski. They all have beautiful views of the mountains and the Cerdanya valley. If you do not have technical equipment and visit the Fontanera ski slopes, you can rent equipment, both classic and skating. In the same way, it is possible to rent snowshoes and bicycles in the new Fat Bike mode. You have not practiced this sport before, but you are interested in learning it? If this is your case, there is also opportunity for you on the tracks of Guils Fontanera, since the resort has a team of highly trained instructors. If you want your little ones to learn to ski this is a good opportunity that you should not miss. Similarly, if you want to improve your skills, you will also find here the possibility of doing so. In addition, the ski resort has an excellent gastronomic service, in charge of its bar restaurant, where it is possible to taste typical dishes of Cerdanya.

Hiking is another of the most popular activities that take place in this municipality. It stands out, above all other routes, that of Puigpedrós. This route has its origin in Guils, it crosses Puig Farinós and Refugi d'Engorgs until it ends at the Malniu shelter. Lake Malniu, located in the mountain massif of Puigpedrós, is another of the natural gems that this municipality, together with its neighbor Meranges, offers its visitors. The lake is surrounded by pine trees that, together with its large granite stones, make up a visual spectacle. This area is also relevant for the lake route, a mountain hike that covers about 3 km in length.

The settlement of Sant Martí d'Aravó is worth visiting for the beautiful Sant Martí bridge, over the Querol river. It is presumed that its base was built in Roman times, while its main reconstruction took place between 1326 and 1328. In this nucleus also find the hermitage of Sant Martí, whose construction dates back to the tenth century.

Residential areas in Guils de Cerdanya

In Sant Martí de Cerdanya find the vacation homes residential compound known as Puigcerdá Residencial. It is a settlement where it is possible to find cozy and beautiful houses that enjoy a huge garden and swimming pool. There are other residential areas, such as Roc Foradat in Saneja and the Former Golf Neighborhood. In Roc Foradat it is possible to find beautiful chalets that become earthly paradises during family vacations. While, in the Golf Quarter or the Old Golf area it is also very easy to find majestic houses and plots of land from which you can appreciate the most beautiful landscapes of Cerdanya.

Up to this point it is easy to understand why the municipality of Guils de Cerdanya is interesting and why it is a good decision to buy a house in the area. Do not miss the opportunity to discover its hidden wonders. It should also be noted that Guils is close to all activities in Cerdanya such as the alpine ski slopes of La Molina and Masella, the golf courses or the commercial area of ​​Puigcerdà amongst others.

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