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Municipality of Fontanals de Cerdanya: Soriguerola, Queixans, Urtx

The values of Fontanals de Cerdanya

La Cerdanya is a historical territory and has many municipalities of great value. Fontanals de Cerdanya in particular belongs to the province of Gerona and is located in the Lower Cerdanya, more than 1,000 meters high. It is formed by the municipalities of Queixans and Urtx, although it also includes the towns of Soriguerola, Les Pereres, Estoll, El Vilar d'Urtx and Escadarcs. The truth is that it has a privileged location with wonderful views, typical of the region, which are a delight for its visitors. The presence of the typical mountain houses with ceretan architecture is a constant in this zone. The traditional ceretan construction is composed of stone, wood and slate. In addition, its houses are usually surrounded by nature and wonderful views.

The municipality has a spectacular religious heritage with the presence of several Romanesque style churches that are a reference for lovers of the historical-cultural baggage of the area. In addition, it is also very interesting for those who like active tourism and greatly enjoy the scenery and natural landscapes. And Fontanals can boast a lot of its golf course, very famous throughout the region, as well as its many possibilities in routes to enjoy the environment while practicing running, hiking, padel or cycling, as well as being close to the ski resorts in Cerdanya.

Having seen a part of its main attractions, one can say that it is quite interesting to buy a second home or holiday house in Fontanals de Cerdanya through the Real Estate Agency Engel & Völkers Cerdanya. The houses located in the municipality are surprising thanks to its imposing views, not to mention its historical richness and its sports centers and facilities.

A little history of Fontanals de Cerdanya

The area of Fontanals is the consequence of the union of the municipalities of Queixans and Urtx as well as other towns belonging to them. Urtx was a feud in the eleventh century, possession of the counts of Catalonia, although at about 1316 it belonged to the king after being owned by this lineage. The population of the town was decreasing from the 14th to the 16th century, although from the 17th century on, the number of inhabitants increased, being just over 470 in 1859. In fact, it was not until 1950 that there was no further demographic decrease. Anyway, from this union, the population increased and many of the people who have a house in the municipality of Fontanals use it as a second home, thanks to the attractive alternatives of the place. The residential areas of La Coma in Queixans, Les Pereres, Soriguerola or Vilar de Urtx are the most common.

Activities in  Fontanals de Cerdanya

One of the references of this area is Fontanals Golf, in Soriguerola, a club where you can practice this classic and elegant sport. The Fontanals Golf Club was founded in 2003, although it was not long ago that some improvements were made to make its facilities more modern and sustainable with the environment. It has an area of ​​about 3,000 square meters, with ample parking for its customers. The club also has a bar-restaurant known as Restaurant Fontanals Green with traditional dishes. In addition, it is possible to rest on its terrace or take an appetizer in its chillout area. You can also find accommodation in a 4 star hotel near the club, the Hotel Fontanals Golf. It is a family place with many rooms very well equipped and furnished.

Another of the most demanded activities by tourists is a route to closely contemplate its Romanesque architecture, which stands out for the presence of multiple religious buildings of great simplicity. In these religious temples, the presence of paintings inside is usually common, whether they are altar fronts or murals. As for the sculpture, its character is rather popular and has wooden carvings that usually represent Christ and the Virgin with the baby Jesus.

In the town of Les Pereres find the church of Sant Esteve. This building was restored in 1992 after having been severely affected by the ravages of the Civil War. It is a Romanesque church of the XII-XIII century that stands out for its rows of opus spicatum arranged in its walls with a height that reaches 2.80 meters. The church of Sant Martí d’Urtx, for its part, belongs to the region and is also of Romanesque origin. In this case, both the frontispiece and the bell tower were incorporated later, being of more modern construction. One of the smaller religious buildings in the area is the Chapel of San Miguel, in Soriguerola. It dates from the 11th century and its rectangular nave is covered with a barrel vault. Part of the altar is preserved in the National Museum of Art of Catalonia. The route can continue through the church of Santa Eulalia in Estoll, which was reformed back in the 19th century. The building is equipped with a fairly wide nave, with a barrel vault and several chapels on the sides.

The privileged environment of Fontanals de Cerdanya

Queixans has an old railway station now used as a restaurant, all Fontanals has fields, mountains and rivers, which is why it is such a seductive destination for nature lovers. The territory is watered by several streams and its natural scenery is unparalleled. One of the existing ways to discover the nature that hides in the municipality is the Geographical Arboretum of Queixans. It is a 12-hectare botanical garden that has more than 120 species of trees integrated along its route. You can visit it all year round, being a spectacular environment any season of the year for the changes that are projected in each of these species.

Get advice from your Real Estate Consultant at Engel & Völkers Cerdanya in Puigcerdà if you are interested in buying or selling an apartment, flat, land or house in Fontanals de Cerdanya and enjoy all its benefits.

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Get advice from your Real Estate Agency Engel & Völkers Cerdanya  if you are interested in buying or selling an apartment, flat, land or house in Fontanals de Cerdanya and enjoy all its towns: Golf Fontanals, Soriguerola, Queixans, La Coma, Les Pereres, Urtx, Vilar d'Urtx, Escadarcs, Estoll.