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Creative and Innovative - Barcelona Architecture

With the creation of the “nanimarquina” brand in 1987, Nani Marquina tread on virgin soil, since until that date design carpets, as such, did not yet exist. In her workshop, in the Gracia neighborhood, she works with her daughter and with internal and external designers.

Nani Marquina, in recent years, carpets are gaining followers. What is the reason for this? A carpet has both technical and aesthetic advantages: it improves air quality in a room, provides insulation against cold and also defines the different spaces and plays a greater role in enhancing acquired objects. Obviously, a carpet is also a decorative element that provides a personal style to each environment.

What is the secret of a “good” carpet? For me, it is important to stay true to your ideas, the initial concept, and not let manufacturing processes or the cost of the product restrain you. Obviously, the entire process itself is complex, and you can never be sure that the carpet will be really good. I allow myself to lead by my own intuition, that feeling that tells me that a design will have the success that I hope for.

How do you choose the designers who collaborate with your nanimarquina brand? At first I designed all models with an internal team, but eventually my interest in editing the work of other creators began. Collaboration brings freshness and inspiration to our studio, and guarantees the variety of styles in our collections. Generally, designers come directly to us with a sketch; then we begin the creative process to perfect the design and find the best way to produce it. When several creative minds come together, new ideas are born, and that is very rewarding.

 17220 Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Girona)
- nanimarquinar livingroom

Who has exerted the greatest influence on you and your work? My father, Rafael Marquina, is mainly responsible for what I am and what I do now. He was one of the first industrial designers in Spain, a true pioneer. It fascinated me when, every day, he arrived home with his new proposals. It is from him that I inherited this passion for design.

What role do materials play for you? Many designers constantly strive for perfection and choose synthetic materials, for precisely this reason. Not that I oppose artificial fibers on principle, but I use them only to highlight certain details or when the design requires their use. Otherwise, I would always opt for natural materials. My ties with nature are very strong and I love the range of colours found within it, for example, at sunrise or sunset. I do not feel this bond when using synthetic materials.

Which nanimarquine carpets do you have in your own home? The ones from the new collection. In order to test new ideas, I usually try the latest technologies and innovative fibers in my home. This helps me in the final phases of the creative process.

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