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The conservatory: A year-round feel-good location surrounded by greenery

A conservatory is much more than just an additional living space where many different varieties of plants will thrive. If equipped with an adequate heating system and ventilation, its special atmosphere is well-suited for cosy get-togethers and relaxed winter evenings with candlelight and mulled wine. It is also protected from the summer heat or rain. This distinguishes this type of garden from the traditional house garden, which is not very inviting in rain, cold and heat and is also not suitable for all plants for overwintering. For Mediterranean or exotic plants, this room is a small wellness paradise. Due to the so-called greenhouse effect, the sun's rays heat up the conservatory, which stores the heat and makes the best use of the solar energy. This saves heating costs and ensures a pleasant indoor climate in which plants and people feel comfortable.

 17220 Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Girona)
- A conservatory is not only a perfect place for Mediterranean plants to overwinter. You too can benefit from this cosy oasis of well-being.

An exclusive annex

In addition to the extra living space, a conservatory is also an expression of exclusivity, which can prove to be profitable in the event of a possible sale. So, if you want to sell your property, you can increase the value of the property by adding a corresponding extension, which also justifies exclusive property prices.

A small disadvantage when building a conservatory: You must apply for a building permit if you want to add to the building subsequently. Therefore, the planning and construction is best left in professional hands, regardless of whether it is built together with the house or added at a later stage. Moreover, the construction is of course also associated with some initial costs.

Quality pays off

A conservatory is ideal for detached houses, townhouses and even smaller apartments.

Holiday and weekend homes also experience an increase in value. So, if you sell a property that has this extra room, you may very well be able to recover the costs incurred.

In any case, the additional room with the large windows, which also serve as walls, should not only be visually attractive but should also be constructed of stable and low-maintenance material so that it can withstand snow and rain. However, the better the quality of the material and construction, the more the property gains in value, which is particularly worthwhile if the owner wants to sell his property.

If oleanders or other Mediterranean winter plants are to spend the winter in a conservatory, no heating is required, although this then makes the room somewhat unsuitable for cosy winter get-togethers. The respective property prices are of course lower for a property with an unheated conservatory than with a heated one, which can be used as additional living space all year round.

If you prefer something cosy and warm and can do without a central heating system or even underfloor heating, you can also opt for a fireplace, but then you will need a chimney. There are many different options for creating a homely and attractive atmosphere here.

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