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About Plaza de España Lifestyle and Real Estate Options

Located between the neighborhoods of Monte Alto and Ciudad Vieja (historic centre), Plaza de España (square of Spain) is a spacious square characterized by an asymmetric park at the center. The park features cemented grounds with patches of soil and landscaped gardens where tall trees are planted, a ground-level fountain and numerous benches. Parking spaces for cars and motorcycles are situated around the park’s perimeter. Plaza de España was renovated in 2011 to connect with its neighboring squares, Plaza de las Atochas and Praza de María Pita, via a promenade and a reconstructed pedestrian lane.

Apartments and Houses for Rent in and near Plaza de España

Multi-storey residential complexes showcasing modernist European architecture constitute the plaza’s surrounding area—many of which boast views of the park’s lush greenery, and the ocean beyond. These complexes offer modern and functional residential accommodation best suited for busy individuals who prefer lock-up-and-go homes in secure buildings, while still having scenic views from their windows. Residents can also take advantage of the plaza’s park, where they can stroll, jog or relax under the shady trees.

Apartments and Houses for Sale in and near Plaza de España

Plaza de España is a bustling square brimming with life, and the surrounding area is home to many working singles, couples, and families with children. It is a place where learning and leisure coexist, as can be seen in the varied mix of establishments including schools, restaurants and cafés. Furthermore, Bioga, a non-profit Biotech organization, and the University of A Coruña, which has R&D collaborations with various biotech, telecommunications and chemical companies, have also been drawing substantial interest into the area.

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