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Plaza de Lugo is right in the heart of A Coruña, a port city in the region of Galícia in Spain. Back in the early 1900s, it was known as the Eusebio de Guarda market and was the centerpoint for fish and small crop commerce, thanks to the plaza’s surrounding small villages and its bicoastal location – one can practically take a short walk from the plaza to the coast and back and then to the other side of the coast in about 30 minutes. Today, it is A Coruña’s commercial hub.
Getting around the city from Plaza de Lugovia public transport is convenient. Nearby bus stops can be found north of the plaza, along Plaza de Pontevedra and southeast of the plaza, along Plaza de Ourense. A taxi bay is also located along Plaza de Ourense

Plaza de Lugo is also a bustling shopping center with its various commodities, shops and establishments - both local and global - along with its existing local markets, with of course, the seafood market still driving most of the foot traffic into the area, especially during Christmas time.

Apartments and Houses for Rent in and near Plaza de Lugo

Historical establishments such as the Casa de Jerónima Arambille, a four-storey building with a façade of faces and birds, and the Casa de los Cisnes, which owes its name to the swans painted on its façade, doubles as a tourist gem and as a real estate haven with its location and restored interiors – good for residential or commercial occupancy. The Parroquia de Santa Lucía is a Catholic church which draws both locals and tourists alike. In the evening, the duo of Escuchando Elefantes, a homegrown musical talent, captivates pedestrians with their street performances. 

For nature enthusiasts, a vast botanical area exists one block away from the plaza, close to the bus stops at Plaza de Ourense. It houses the following parks and gardens: Rosaleda, Reloxo Floral, Xardins de Mendez Nunez, and Calendario Floral.

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Amenities and Services Nearby

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