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About Plaza Pontevedra Lifestyle and Real Estate Options

Situated 5 minutes from Riazor Beach, Plaza Pontevedra is home to the residential and commercial complexes of Casas Salorio and Escariz, which are both architectural landmarks of the city. Old-fashioned Spanish Colonial-style residential blocks stand side-by-side with modern office buildings featuring colored glass windows. This unique mix of historic and modern buildings run throughout the square’s surrounding areas. The quaint residential buildings offer cozy apartments with private balconies where one can enjoy views of the lovely park below.

Apartments and Houses for Rent in and near Plaza Pontevedra

Plaza Pontevedra boasts of an expansive park with stone-tiled paving, benches placed between trees and lamp posts, landscaped gardens, and a pretty obsidian-colored fountain in the middle. There is a spacious children’s playground, a basketball court and public restrooms. Abundant trees provide plenty of shade and fresh air. Families with children residing in the area are often seen making good use of the facilities: parents stroll through the park, or read a book on one of the benches, while their children play.

Apartments and Houses for Sale in and near Plaza Pontevedra

The square exudes a very metropolitan ambiance, and offers an easy, accessible lifestyle to all types of people residing, working or visiting here. This is due to the many conveniences provided, including 5 bus stops in the area, 15 schools located within a kilometer from the plaza, and the many companies in the field of construction, pharmaceutics, real estate and software engineering that have offices right across the square. Schools are very near, and the beach is only a few minutes’ drive from the plaza, all in all this is a very central and convenient location with many lifestyle advantages.

Amenities and Services Nearby:

Apartments: Casa Salorio, Maycar, Casa Escariz
Banks: BBVA, Bankia, Inversis Banco
Schools: IES Eusebio da Guarda
Clinics/Hospitals: Adeslas Salud Medical Center, Maternidad HM Belén
Pharmacies: Carmen Castro de Ron Farmacia
Restaurants: Wok Two, Piazza Affari, Galera Doner Kebap
Supermarkets: Ultramarinos El Mundo, Supermercado Gadis
Stores: Vodafone, Tienda Movistar
Real Estate Agencies: Truekecasa, Solvia, Colliers Real Estate

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