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20 things you will only understand if you are from Madrid

Buying a home in Madrid is a great option. Many visitors choose to spend their holidays in the capital and there is nothing better than having a home address to stay in freely. For those who are from the city and want to have a base here, buying a home in Madrid can be advantageous as there is the possibility of renting out its rooms easily and quickly.
Madrid is one of the most attractive cities in the world for many reasons and the truth is that it doesn't take a lot to realise what a perfect city Madrid is to live in. If you are from Madrid, you will already know about the following 20 things that confirm this statement. 

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• Everyone knows how healthy Madrid's water is. In fact, it is the best in the world and is safe to drink directly from the tap. This is something that does not happen in other Spanish cities.
• The great tradition of tapas. Tapas is always associated with Madrid.
• There is no specific dialect in Madrid, but the Chulapos and the Chulapas still keep the Castilian tradition alive. It is not just a dress but also an attitude.
• It is quite possible that you have not set foot in Puerta del Sol's tower clock on New Year's Eve, but most likely you have done so on previous days.
• On the subject of cathedrals, Madrid does not lose out as it has Gran Via.
• It is easy to recognise tourists; Madridians would never stand next to Kilometre 0 to have their photos taken. 
• The Plaza Mayor, Sol and Ópera are totally forbidden to enter at Christmas, but they can always be visited at any other less crowded time.
• Madrid Rock will never disappear from Gran Vía, because it will live in many Madridians' hearts.

- 20 cosas que solo entenderá si es de Madrid

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• There is no beach in Madrid, but who needs it anyway when there are many pools without the uncomfortable sand.
• School marks children's personality and when they grow up, they still keep their childhood friendships. 
• In Madrid you can also eat the freshest fish in the country.
• Fritanga foods are high in fat, but the homemade croquettes at Casa Julio or Melo's are difficult to give up.
• The typical Madridian never goes to Plaza Mayor to eat a squid sandwich, but if he gets an invitation, he has no choice but to respect this tradition.
• It does not matter too much where the caramelised onion came from as this authentic stew can even raise the dead from their grave.
• You may live relatively close to Museo del Prado or Reina Sofía, but haven't visited it since school.
• Everyone is welcome in Madrid.
• You can reach any place in Madrid by public transport without having to drive the car.
• Some might say that "Madrid metro does not fly", but at least it is not as lousy as the Tokyo subway.
• More and more people who dare to ride a bicycle and who are from Madrid are likely to be praised by their bravery.
• When you travel abroad, you are most likely to boast about Spain by referring to Madrid right away.

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