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A finca immersed in charm

Between 1961 and 1963, as part of the numerous construction plans that involved the opening of the waterways by creating reservoirs in Spain. As a result, the population of Talavera grew and led the way for greener landscapes. Shortly afterwards, the current reservoir of Valdecañas, one of the most iconic in the province of Cáceres was perceived by its bucolic landscape. It is in such a precious location where there is an interesting finca that even has its own jetty to sail across the serene waters of Valdecañas.

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The property is only an hour and a half away from Madrid with an immense 86 hectares in which a fully completed villa with more than 1,200 sqm plot can be found. 700 sqm of this plot consists of the main house. This is a considerable size maximised by the immensity of the natural surroundings that frame the whole enclosure. The house also benefits from privileged views of the reservoir as well as several outdoor spaces, such as terraces, fully equipped to enjoy the feel of the place.

Fotos: © Engel & Völkers Madrid

Talavera la Vieja officially sank but the story gave rise to a kind of legend carried out by the 'City under water'. And it wasn't unusual to find the houses and places in the town that were not destroyed prior to the creation of the reservoir. The water had flooded the already deserted streets and kept that population under control. That is why, during low rainfall periods, it is possible to distinguish some of the corners of 'Talaverilla', as named by the locals of this town.

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What makes this finca even more interesting those same lands welcomed the mass population during the Roman Empire. Augustóbriga was located on the bank of Tajo and connected the famous road with the peninsular centre, Emerita Augusta, the modern city of Mérida. As it could not be otherwise, some of the best preserved archaeological remains were displaced before the opening of the reservoir. Such would be the case of Pórtico de la Curia and the remains of the free-standing columns. This is the reason why we are recommending people to buy a finca with deep historical roots.

The property for sale is, therefore, an investment opportunity that's rather difficult to find in Spain. The possibilities of the property as tourist accommodation are evident, having ten complete bedrooms and thirteen bathrooms in different sizes. The central courtyard, with pristine white colour and ample arches, is one of the main gems of the property that will delight the guests. Buying a finca in an excellent condition is certainly a tempting offer for any property buyer.

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