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Do you know how to protect your home this holiday?

At Engel & Völkers, your reliable real estate agency for buying a house in Madrid, we have a great concern for the safety of our clients. When the holiday season arrives, your habitual house can be left empty from time to time. This situation can easily be taken advantage of by burglars. This is why we have decided to write this article in which we give some practical tips to protect your home while you enjoy your holiday.

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The first advice, and possibly the simplest, is not to lower the blinds completely. It is often a habit to completely cover the window with the blind to protect the interior of your home from any incidence. Have you considered the fact that a thief can guess that no one lives in a house with the blinds completely lowered? Avoid giving clues and leave the blinds open at different heights. It will make them think that someone is still living in the building.

- ¿Sabe cómo proteger su casa estas vacaciones?

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Another habit is to turn off the doorbell. It seems obvious to think that if someone tries to know whether or not the resident is on holiday, the first thing he will do is press the bell to test his theory. The same thing happens with the post. Allow a neighbour, or family member, to collect your letters periodically and prevent your post box from getting filled with letters.

On many occasions, the jewellery and cash are left at home. If you go on a trip for a few days, this decision is logical, but remember that it would be best to take a picture of every jewellery item that you own so in case something happens to them, you can make a claim for theft to your insurance company.

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Social networks are a showcase of your activities and an invite for thieves to come and steal from your home. Avoid commenting on Facebook or Instagram that you are going on holiday and don't post any photos of the beach or mountains on your timeline. Keep these photos for yourself and you will avoid problems when you return from your trip.

Thieves often use their own code as well as a series of tricks to check whether or not you are residing in your home. As soon as you see some unrecognisable marks by your door or the classic piece of plastic, which drops when you open it, call the police immediately. Keep these tips in mind when buying a home in Madrid to avoid unpleasant surprises when you return from your holiday.

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