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Drone videos of our most exclusive fincas

The advancement in technology has also reached the real estate market and, therefore, more and more fincas can be viewed by aerial videos that are made with drones. Undoubtedly, a contribution and a marketing trend that has come to provide an extra service to customers who can find out the exact location and surroundings of the homes in which they are interested. All this can be viewed in a comfortable way from your computer screen or mobile device.

But what advantages does the use of this type of device offer in the sale of fincas and homes? We will summarise them in the following ways:

1. It is a one-of-a-kind feature.

 Nowadays, the seller expects the real estate agency that is in charge of selling his or her home to achieve the maximum price. With this new system, getting the asking price is achieved very efficiently. This is due to the fact that the buyer can have first-hand experience in viewing the property from a perspective that would have otherwise been totally impossible.

2. Factual and detailed tours. The drone is responsible for providing a tour of the entire finca as well as the property's exterior and its roof so that it becomes possible to view the property in detail and avoid any unpleasant surprises when visiting the house in person. In addition, although it is not a valid option for most houses, the truth is that some properties have sufficient height and are not surrounded by any obstacles so they can be used as a more realistic alternative to virtual reality tours.

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3. Greater independence for the adviser.

 The drone video tour allows the real estate adviser who is responsible for the sale of the property to provide all the information that the interested buyer needs to know without having to go directly to that house. This gives the agent greater independence and flexibility as well as the possibility to provide a more attentive and personalised service based on the buyer's questions and concerns.

4. It is an inexpensive option. Nowadays, these types of devices are quite cheap, especially, if one takes into account what they used to cost not too long ago. In addition, its management is also very simple and the legislation only establishes a series of guidelines that, in general, are common sense, such as for example, not making night recordings or not piloting the device over crowds of people. In most cases, only some minor editing is needed before releasing the videos.

At Engel & Völkers, the top luxury real estate agency in Europe, we are one of the pioneers in the use of drones for recording aerial videos of the properties that we manage. In fact, on our website it is possible to find some great examples of fincas, historic palaces and many other types of properties advertised in this way. This is a quality project that will surely satisfy both sellers and buyers.

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