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Find out how much your flat is worth

While it is true that the real estate market has already managed to stabilize, its ups and downs in recent years have certainly left their mark. These price drops, which in some places even reached half the original value of the property, have left a perception that is difficult to change. This is especially true if you consider that many people have overpaid for their homes. This is why those who are interested in selling their house can find it difficult to decide on an appropriate asking price.


  • Setting the price on a home and feeling satisfied with it as well hoping for it to sell quickly will all take some time to research. It is, therefore, important to take into consideration some factors that may help you during this process:
    Find out the market value. The market value is certainly the best indicator to start the sales process and its determination can be made by comparing how much you would like to get for your home and the price that the buyers seem willing to pay. Finding out about the prices that other properties with similar features in the same area have been sold for is a good way to get a better idea.
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  • Compare as much as possible. Indeed, that is the best way to know the real behaviour of the market. Technology is always the best help and there are some very useful tools in this comparison task. To do this, take data such as the living area of the property or the area in which it is located, select a certain number of properties with similar types and features. From there, you will get an average price that will be quite accurate.
  • The area where the house is located at is always decisive. Location always marks an initial assessment and the existence of the nearby amenities as well as the quality of services are factors that must be carefully analysed. The possibility of upcoming renovations and urban plans that may affect the residents' quality of life in the area should also be considered when it comes to personally assessing your home.
  • There are never two houses that are exactly the same and the condition of yours is going to be key in deciding its value. Being in a particular neighbourhood and having the same construction age do not guarantee that buyers will agree to pay the same price if the current state of your home is different to others. A recent renovation or update will increase the price, because most buyers tend to reduce their offer if they are the ones who have to carry out the repairs. Repairing the house before putting it up for sale is a good way to see results. 
  • Assess the image that your home gives. It is stated that less than 20 seconds is more than enough time for a potential buyer to decide if the house is to his or her liking. Subjective factors intervene to a large extent, such as if the home for sale is messy or dirty. The property's appeal will automatically drop in the mind of the buyer.
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