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Happy World Sleep Day

On behalf of the Engel & Völkers Madrid team, we want to celebrate this day with you in the best possible way. We will offer some practical advice about this important activity since we spend 20 to 25 years of our lives sleeping. 

World Sleep Day is celebrated every year on the third Friday of March, with the aim of reducing the burden of sleep problems in society through better prevention and management of sleep disorders. Did you know that there are approximately 100 sleep disorders? The good news is that most of them are treatable by the Sleep Medicine Specialists. 

Quality sleep is essential for our health along with a balanced diet and regular exercise. People who enjoy deep sleep and without any interruptions experience lower rates of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and other chronic diseases. 

Tips for sleeping better 

Apart from the diseases that are linked with sleep problems we will offer you some tricks to improve the quality of your sleep so you can use them immediately. Sleeping doesn't always mean you get a good rest. It depends on the environment you create in your bedroom, which is why the following tips are recommended: 

  • There must not be much light or noise in your bedroom and a comfortable temperature of no more than 21 ° C in summer and 19 ° C in winter to help you sleep better. 

  • Adequate ventilation in the bedroom will keep your bedsheets refreshed and help you sleep better. 

  • It is highly recommended to switch off the TV and sleep with a comfortable pillow. Your pillow should support your head and the curve of your neck. 

  • Studies indicate that blue, green and ochre colours help you rest better, so you can paint the walls in these colours or incorporate them into your bedding and decoration. Remember that the ideal fabric for sheets and covers is cotton, because of its feel and breathability factor. 

  • According to the geobiology and geopathies experts, the headboard should be facing north to make you sleep better. Feng Shui goes further and says that if you sleep with your head towards West you will wake up with more energy, and if you sleep towards East, you will gain tranquility. Feng Shui also recommends that we avoid placing the bed in front of doors and windows because positive energy will escape. If you like mirrors, do not face them towards the bed because they encourage insomnia and never place sturdy shelves above the headboard. ​

  • Reading before sleep with a dim light is a good way to prepare yourself for sleeping. It facilitates the transition from being awake to falling asleep within a few minutes of relaxation during the hour before going to bed. Therefore we recommend the use of simple and practical bedside tables for your book with a soft and warm light lamp.

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