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How to sell or rent your house in the quickest possible time

Renting or selling a home in Madrid can be a slow process and take longer than you think. If you are in a hurry to sell your home, there are some tricks that can speed up the process. By following these simple tips, you can sell or rent out your property in half the time.

Set a realistic asking price

Homeowners tend to overestimate the price of their home in the hope of making the maximum profit upon selling it. However, an overpriced property will only make the potential buyers to flee. If you want to sell your house in Madrid the first advice is to try and set a realistic price based on the current market situation.

Although the sale of a property can be done throughout the year, it can sell quicker during the spring or summer months. These are more favourable times because the potential buyers will have more time to go and view the property during the holidays.

If you have already made the decision to rent or sell your house in Madrid, it is advisable that you consult with an estate agent in order to help you establish the appropriate price. The asking price may vary depending on the type of property, its location, and condition.

The price also depends on the current market situation and changes depending on the supply and demand of a specific geographical area. Within the urban area where there is more economic activity, prices tend to be more stable and you can expect to sell in good conditions. On the other hand, in sectors where economic activity is weakest, for example in rural areas, the demand is generally weaker and it may take more time to sell a property. This can sometimes result in the owner being forced to ask for a lower price in order to be able to sell the property.

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Adopt an adequate marketing strategy to increase the number of potential buyers

When the owner decides to sell his or her house, they have many options available to accelerate the process. It is recommended to advertise the property by putting up a visible sign that indicates it is up for sale. In addition, it is also advisable to go to several estate agencies and also put the ad on several websites. You can also let your contacts on social networks know that your property is for sale.

The owner must provide potential buyers with all the technical information about the subject property, including the history of the building, details of the local taxes, and/or service charge or ground rent. This information must be given with total transparency and without hiding anything.

Thoroughly clean the property from top to bottom

The first impression is the most important part within the real estate market. This is why it is important that you take some time to do a thorough cleaning in each and every one of the rooms in your home. Remember that everything must be impeccable. Neglecting this step means losing the chance of selling the house or unnecessarily delaying its sale.

Tidy up the property

It is essential to tidy up the entire house, including all the little corners, wardrobes, the kitchen, the children's room, the bathroom, the terrace or even the garage or the basement, where there are usually many items stacked. An orderly house will always look better and be more attractive to the buyer.

It is important that each room or space in the house is accessible and can be seen by potential buyers, who will be aware of all the details. The house must be kept in perfect condition for sale and viewing purposes. The beds have to be made, the children's toys must be put away, the sink and dishes must be washed. If your home shines like a diamond, you will have a higher chance of selling it.

With the high property prices and the increasingly smaller sized homes, the greatest challenge is to make good use of space. This is why order is so important. Clean the cabinets thoroughly and keep your fixtures and fittings well distributed as they will give the feeling that the house is bigger than it really is.

Avoid leaving the moving boxes in the rooms since, in addition to causing bad impression, they prevent the potential buyer from seeing the entire room in the house. Also pay close attention to the smell in your house. Eliminate unpleasant odours from pets, cigarettes, etc.

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Do the necessary repairs 

Before showing the house to buyers, thoroughly inspect all the water, gas and electricity installations in every room and make repairs as necessary. Change the troubleshooting light bulbs and leaky water taps. If necessary, add a touch of paint or change the broken bricks or tiles. It all depends on the budget you have, but just think how much you can increase the value of your home this way.

A hanging cable, a visible power outlet, a splintered glass, a leaky water tap, a small hole in a wall or a shower head in poor condition are indications that the house is not in a good condition. The potential buyers may think that there is more serious internal damage in the property, which can only put them off, especially those who do not want to do any repair works and want to move into the house immediately. In fact, if the property does have a small defect, the customer will want to make a lower offer. It is preferable to do these small jobs in advance and not have to resort to a lower offer. 

Post pictures of the property on your website

If you advertise your home on a web page, do not forget to post pictures of it. In fact, the more pictures you post, the better. Otherwise, the buyer will believe that you have something to hide. The photographs have to be good quality and clearly show the rooms. The first picture is often the exterior part of the property. This picture is important when you are selling a villa, but if the property is a flat located inside a building, it is best to show its interior and rooms. Sometimes, the most advisable thing is to highlight the living room.

Take care of the aesthetic appeal of the property

The property's exterior will be the first thing that viewers will see and it only takes about 90 seconds to make the best first impression. That is why it is so important for your property to have curb appeal as the exterior is the first part you will be showing to buyers. If you are selling a villa, you must also take care of the appearance of the garden and the lawn.

It is important to de-personalise the property

Personal items must be removed from the property: family photos, children's drawings, trophies, invoices, etc. These items tend to distract viewers as well as cause discomfort. For example, a photograph of a family portrait can be uncomfortable for a couple who cannot have children.

Reorganise the space

A simple change in where you place your furniture can completely transform a room and give it a more spacious and pleasant look. Try to remove furniture that's too bulky or with superfluous decorative patterns so you can give the impression that a room has much more space.

Try to create harmony within your home

To increase the interest of the prospective buyer try to create a pleasant atmosphere. Take care of the decoration, light some candles, repaint the walls, etc. Neutral colours make the space look visually larger and more elegant and, in addition, most people like it. Decorative features must not correspond to any particular fashion or any particular style trend. You must choose simple and timeless furnishings for your home. Opt for simple decoration that's not too minimalist.

Be nice to the potential buyers

It is important that you are present when potential buyers come to view your home. In addition to the cleanliness and good appearance of the house, take care of your own appearance. You can dress casually, but it is important that you present yourself well. Make sure you answer all the potential buyer's questions and keep smiling.

Another effective way to encourage potential buyers is to make the house smell nice. For example, bake something just before they come to view your home, such as cookies, a chocolate cake or even make coffee). A pleasant smell is a small detail that leaves an image of a lived-in home in the mind of the prospective buyer. 

One final advice: you should not reject the first offer you get thinking that there will be a better one later as sometimes, the first offer can also be the best.

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