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Ideas for your dream loft-style flat

More and more people are becoming interested in buying loft-style flats in Madrid. The demand has increased significantly over the years and the idea of fewer partition walls has become fashionable.
Loft-style flats are open spaces that are generally small and let you enjoy the room even more. These types of properties offer couples lots of freedom and independence as they won't feel separated by too many walls and doors. There is no denying that open spaces tend to be more welcoming.
In this article, we will give you several ideas to transform your home in case you decide to buy a loft-style flat in Madrid or you already own one. If you are looking for some inspiration to open up the rooms in your home, then make a note of these practical tips.
Loft-style flats usually have small rooms so you have to think very carefully about how to make the most of the space. The corners are a very important point that you should take into account. They are the perfect areas for placing some furniture or shelves for storing all kinds of things. Taking advantage of the corner areas has its reward and will turn your loft into a more functional and beautiful room.
placing a vintage-looking leather armchair and a small round table lets you use this corner as a reading room or work on your laptop. You can also install shelves on the wall just as we have already mentioned, and place your books, photos and small vases with colourful flowers on them. The result will be sensational.

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It is also possible to place nice storage cabinets or, better still, a kitchen breakfast bar and stools around it so that you can welcome your guests and enjoy a small snack before lunch or dinner. If you have a corner in the room that has been left empty, perhaps a corner sofa would be a good idea. As for your bedroom, let your imagination run wild and place an untreated wooden board in one of its corners. Just hang it from the ceiling using ropes and anchors or use it as a hanging table to put whatever you want on top.

Since a loft is characterised by the absence of walls, you can include walls in a creative way. No need to go crazy by building partitions. All you have to do is separate the bed from the rest of the room through beautiful patterned curtains. Above all, try to be functional and add value to your rooms by separating the kitchen from the living room with a great bookshelf.

Do not forget to use colours or specific decoration styles that brighten up the rooms. For example, the industrial style is phenomenal, because the brick with the white wall or the wrought iron with the wooden floors fit perfectly and give a feeling of spaciousness.
Before getting down to work, keep in mind these little details that will make a difference. If you are looking for space, swap the chairs with stools, which will always take up less space. Also, forget about the opaque elements that prevent natural light from entering the rooms. If you want to use doors, opt for sliding and glass designs.

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